Coraline, The Action Pope & Cineworld

Having recovered from my drunken ramblings last weekend Mrs Cheesecake and I braved the crappy weather on Saturday and headed to the cinema. Two flicks on the agenda Coraline followed by Angels & Demons.

Coraline was a real treat. Not only was glorious to look at we also had the added bonus of 3D. Much like The Nightmare  Before Christmas Henry Selick has used his very distinctive style to enhance an already magical story. The voice work from all the actors worked well. Particularly enjoyed French & Saunders and Lovejoy as Coraline’s eccentric group of neighbours.

Angels & Demons  was pretty good to. It’s been a while since I read the book but I was entertained by Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor (henceforth to be known as ‘Action Pope’). I’ve always been a bit of a conspiracy nut so nice to see the IIlluminati getting some big screen action.  Seriously though Google Illuminati these guys rock!

One slight dampener on the whole cinema going experience was Cineworld. I have been a card holder of their establishment for years. It make sense if you go to the flicks as often as I do why not pay a flat fee and then cram in as many films as you can. Recently however the price has increased. Now after some simple maths it was obvious to Mrs Cheesecake and I that this would still work in our favour so we continued with our monthly payment. This weekend however when we arrived to view Coraline we were informed and additional cost would be incurred due to the price of running a 3D film.  Now it was only £1.50 but that ain’t the point. We already pay a monthly fee which was just increased and now we have to pay more. WTF is that all about? Come on Cineworld don’t let me down now. You promised lots of exciting new exclusives as a card holder and so far that has amounted to us forking out extra cash. What gives?

Till next time – Damn the Man!

I has been to the Pub

As a social type experiment I decided earlier this evening I would write a blog after going to the pub. I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen. I will not make anyt amendmets to this blog and i willl type what ever I am thinmking about at the time.

So I wenty to the pub. It was good and I drank lots of very strong cider. Damn Tescos and their new policy about plastic bags!!!! How dare they try and charge me fors aservice they should provide for free. Bastards!!!

Norther rock are a shower of fuckwits as well . We cancelled a direct debit by mistake nd tey have sent us not 1, not 2 not 3 not 4 but 5 feckin letters . what a showeer of outragesous arseholes!

and another thing that really gets my goat is the fgact that Sky has advertistedd Sky Hd and then when you fill out the form they send you an e-mail saying it will take 3 months before thay can sort you out. Twats! How about playing ahead and havig some spare units available. 3 months for a delivery come on that sucks Sky. Pulll your fecking finger out.

Ok I think that rant is just about complete. The good news is that tomorrow I will wake up and stumble across this and be horrorified by the conetents.

Nighty Nght interweb. I loves you all

Mr P Cheesecake

Pablo Trek: The Wrath of Cheesecake

So I didn’t bother blogging about X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I saw it last week and it was pretty good but I was less moved by the experience than I had hoped to be. I’m sorry Huge Jackman (can we still be friends?). Loved the hair, big fan of the action but some spark was missing. That’s not to say I won’t go and see more if it appears – of course I will.

Today however I got to see the new Star Trek movie. Ironically I was not that bothered about seeing this but enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting. The first 5 minutes actually even stirred some emotion in me I was that caught up in it.

PabloTrek: The Wrath of CheesecakeI don’t want to give away the story. You lookin for spoilers keep feckin’ looking. I will say however I was concerned that a reboot of the franchise would not work but I think I can safely say I was wrong.

The performances were all good. Chris Pine made a convincingly arrogant yet charming James T Kirk. Zachary Quinto was channelling Nimoy which was particularly odd when they were on screen together. Everyone’s favourite rider of Rohan looks quite a lot like DeForest Kelly and seemed to be having fun. I’ll even forgive Mr Pegg and his attempt at a Scottish accent. Harold had left Kumar at the White Castle and was cutting about with a sword! Even Charlie Bartlett was there. I have to say I was disappointed he didn’t say ‘noooclear wessels’ but perhaps next time.

I’m sure there will be a sequel. The film zips along at a frenetic pace and is eye candy of the highest order. Its all good and I look forward to what happens next. Thanks Mr Abrams…more please

Till next time loyal reader Uncle Pablo says ‘keep it clean’

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Got my Gadget head on….

Mrs Cheesecake and I have been discussing what gadgets we would purchase if money was not an object. Both of us are gadget-heads and love new tech. The list that follows is by no way complete (I’m sure there is other un-necessary rubbish we would by!). I guess you would call it a taste of the sort of junk we like to spend our pennies on.

  1. Pinnacle Video Transfer
  2. Blu-ray Player
  3. Crackberry
  4. iPod
  5. MacBook
  6. HD Projector
  7. Messenger Bag
  8. Netbook

If there is an eccentric millionaire out there that stumbles upon this bag feel free to send us all this stuff. I’ll be grateful (that’s all though no sexual favours or nothin)

Later great unwashed

Crank: High Cheesecake


Sorry couldn’t resist.

Ok so yesterday Mrs Cheesecake and I did the double. Doesn’t happen very often but we went to see two films back to back. I think it’s fair to say that the two films selected could not have been more different – Crank – High Voltage and Let the Right One In. More on the latter in my next blog, at the moment I want to take a few paragraphs to discuss Crank.

The phrase I kept hearing was ‘bug-nuts insane’. I have to be honest I was dubious. The first film was mental and I thought they are going to have to go a long way to top that. I needn’t have worried. After the the first five minutes we had already had various killings and an enema involving a shotgun!

Don’t want to over analyse the story to much. No point as there isn’t one. Just more of what has gone before. Jason Statham beating down anything and everything that gets in his way.

Other comparisons I have heard are that this sequel is like a live action version of Grand Theft Auto and I can kinda of see it. Every character is out for themselves and everyone is like a walking stereotype. Not that this detracts from the film in any way. I wasn’t looking for characters I liked. I wanted to see bad guys get fucked up in a spectacular fashion and that’s exactly what I got.

Everyone looks as though they are having a absolute blast making this. Statham all glowering and pent up aggression, Amy Smart wearing little but pink hot-pants, David Carridine as a geriatric Triad gangster, Corey Haim and his much needed uber-mullet action and Ginger Spice as Chev’s mum (WTF!!!)

Fuck knows where the will go next. There’s bound to be another sequel but I’ll be damned if I know how. Mind you I said that about the first film.

Later ‘Let the Right Cheesecake In’ first lunch

The Cheesecake and the Furious

A groovy Easter break thus far. I have even managed a whole 24 hour period without the internet.

On Friday Mrs Cheesecake and I went to the cinema to see Fast and Furious. I would give it 6 out of 10.

That’s all folks. Frankly I cant be arsed tonight. I am feelin bolshie and I’m not going into extensive detail.

till next time

Czider drinkin and crazy dreams

This evenin I is all by my lonesome.

Mrs Cheesecake has headed south to meet some cyber chums and, I believe the technical term is squeeeeee over the new series of Robin Hood. It may have something to do with Richard Armitage (it normally does).

Due to unforseen technical issues my plans to watch season 3 of The Unit have fallen through so I am at a lose end. Only option to blog likes I have has never blogged before.

On the upside I do have some booze. Specifically a bottle of Jacques Cider. This stuff is awesome. Cider with fruit = work of genius. It reminds me of my student days when it used to be cider and black every Friday, happy days.

NiceOh I just remembered I said I was gonna blog about my dream from the other night .

So basically I was backstage at Tonight with Jonathan Ross. Don’t ask me why because I can’t think of a single reason. Anyway cutting to the chase a group of TV and Film celebrities including Eddie Izzard, Phil Jupitus, Billy Connolly and Rufus Hound were attempting to convince me to change my facial hair. It was all very strange.

I’ve had my beard since I was about 18 years old (I’m now nearly 35). In that time I have shaved it off twice. In each instance I swiftly realised how much I looked like a disgruntled King Edward potato.

I’m not sure if my sub-conscious was trying to tell me something  or not. Very weird indeed.

I really should get left on my own should I.

Time for biscuits I think

Later peoples

Michael Sheen and a Thursday Sauswich

Evenin’ all.

Welcome to the second in the infrequent series regarding sandwiches and their many a varied fillings. Before I start wittering about my latest foray into the ‘world of the wich’ I want to make an official complaint.

Damn your black heart Michael Sheen! Recently Mrs Cheesecake became the proud owner of the following domain . She has some crazy notion about creating website dedicated to this most versatile of modern actors. A side effect of this is that I have become an internet widow.

Sheen on hearing the news

Ahh well, on with the show as they say.

Last night I was feeling particularly lazy when it came to creating my usual culinary morsels for dinner. Only one choice – emergency wich. For those of you that have read my blog before you are aware of my strong feelings re the finger of fish. Alas no fingers available so sausage won out.

a sauswich yesterday

Mrs Cheesecake has a natural aversion to thick skinned sausage (ahem) so we went for a nice chipolata. Multiple sauces were the order of the day. She went for a BBQ honey-smoked affair while I placed my trust in some old school mustard. Success all round!

You’ve been beautiful. I’ve been here.


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Pablo Cheesecake : An Public Service Announcement

So finally after several months of waiting and the odd false start I received my replacement laptop. The original was stolen last November. The new laptop was supposed to be identical to the last but I have discovered that I have a copy of Windows Live Writer. 183039

Look its me trying it out….

Ooh… I must have an integrated webcam on the laptop as well. Either that or someone is taking photos right in front of me and I cant see them. Concerning, I think so.

In other news – folks have highlighted their concern regarding me sitting around all day in my pants doing nothing (see re-enactment below)


So I wont be doing that any more. Mrs Cheesecake is relieved on many levels.

Anywho I don’t really have anything important to blog about at the moment so I will go and do something less boring instead.


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