Coraline, The Action Pope & Cineworld

Having recovered from my drunken ramblings last weekend Mrs Cheesecake and I braved the crappy weather on Saturday and headed to the cinema. Two flicks on the agenda Coraline followed by Angels & Demons.

Coraline was a real treat. Not only was glorious to look at we also had the added bonus of 3D. Much like The Nightmare  Before Christmas Henry Selick has used his very distinctive style to enhance an already magical story. The voice work from all the actors worked well. Particularly enjoyed French & Saunders and Lovejoy as Coraline’s eccentric group of neighbours.

Angels & Demons  was pretty good to. It’s been a while since I read the book but I was entertained by Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor (henceforth to be known as ‘Action Pope’). I’ve always been a bit of a conspiracy nut so nice to see the IIlluminati getting some big screen action.  Seriously though Google Illuminati these guys rock!

One slight dampener on the whole cinema going experience was Cineworld. I have been a card holder of their establishment for years. It make sense if you go to the flicks as often as I do why not pay a flat fee and then cram in as many films as you can. Recently however the price has increased. Now after some simple maths it was obvious to Mrs Cheesecake and I that this would still work in our favour so we continued with our monthly payment. This weekend however when we arrived to view Coraline we were informed and additional cost would be incurred due to the price of running a 3D film.  Now it was only £1.50 but that ain’t the point. We already pay a monthly fee which was just increased and now we have to pay more. WTF is that all about? Come on Cineworld don’t let me down now. You promised lots of exciting new exclusives as a card holder and so far that has amounted to us forking out extra cash. What gives?

Till next time – Damn the Man!

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