Pablo Trek: The Wrath of Cheesecake

So I didn’t bother blogging about X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I saw it last week and it was pretty good but I was less moved by the experience than I had hoped to be. I’m sorry Huge Jackman (can we still be friends?). Loved the hair, big fan of the action but some spark was missing. That’s not to say I won’t go and see more if it appears – of course I will.

Today however I got to see the new Star Trek movie. Ironically I was not that bothered about seeing this but enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting. The first 5 minutes actually even stirred some emotion in me I was that caught up in it.

PabloTrek: The Wrath of CheesecakeI don’t want to give away the story. You lookin for spoilers keep feckin’ looking. I will say however I was concerned that a reboot of the franchise would not work but I think I can safely say I was wrong.

The performances were all good. Chris Pine made a convincingly arrogant yet charming James T Kirk. Zachary Quinto was channelling Nimoy which was particularly odd when they were on screen together. Everyone’s favourite rider of Rohan looks quite a lot like DeForest Kelly and seemed to be having fun. I’ll even forgive Mr Pegg and his attempt at a Scottish accent. Harold had left Kumar at the White Castle and was cutting about with a sword! Even Charlie Bartlett was there. I have to say I was disappointed he didn’t say ‘noooclear wessels’ but perhaps next time.

I’m sure there will be a sequel. The film zips along at a frenetic pace and is eye candy of the highest order. Its all good and I look forward to what happens next. Thanks Mr Abrams…more please

Till next time loyal reader Uncle Pablo says ‘keep it clean’

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