I has been to the Pub

As a social type experiment I decided earlier this evening I would write a blog after going to the pub. I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen. I will not make anyt amendmets to this blog and i willl type what ever I am thinmking about at the time.

So I wenty to the pub. It was good and I drank lots of very strong cider. Damn Tescos and their new policy about plastic bags!!!! How dare they try and charge me fors aservice they should provide for free. Bastards!!!

Norther rock are a shower of fuckwits as well . We cancelled a direct debit by mistake nd tey have sent us not 1, not 2 not 3 not 4 but 5 feckin letters . what a showeer of outragesous arseholes!

and another thing that really gets my goat is the fgact that Sky has advertistedd Sky Hd and then when you fill out the form they send you an e-mail saying it will take 3 months before thay can sort you out. Twats! How about playing ahead and havig some spare units available. 3 months for a delivery come on that sucks Sky. Pulll your fecking finger out.

Ok I think that rant is just about complete. The good news is that tomorrow I will wake up and stumble across this and be horrorified by the conetents.

Nighty Nght interweb. I loves you all

Mr P Cheesecake

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