Got my Gadget head on….

Mrs Cheesecake and I have been discussing what gadgets we would purchase if money was not an object. Both of us are gadget-heads and love new tech. The list that follows is by no way complete (I’m sure there is other un-necessary rubbish we would by!). I guess you would call it a taste of the sort of junk we like to spend our pennies on.

  1. Pinnacle Video Transfer
  2. Blu-ray Player
  3. Crackberry
  4. iPod
  5. MacBook
  6. HD Projector
  7. Messenger Bag
  8. Netbook

If there is an eccentric millionaire out there that stumbles upon this bag feel free to send us all this stuff. I’ll be grateful (that’s all though no sexual favours or nothin)

Later great unwashed

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