Crank: High Cheesecake


Sorry couldn’t resist.

Ok so yesterday Mrs Cheesecake and I did the double. Doesn’t happen very often but we went to see two films back to back. I think it’s fair to say that the two films selected could not have been more different – Crank – High Voltage and Let the Right One In. More on the latter in my next blog, at the moment I want to take a few paragraphs to discuss Crank.

The phrase I kept hearing was ‘bug-nuts insane’. I have to be honest I was dubious. The first film was mental and I thought they are going to have to go a long way to top that. I needn’t have worried. After the the first five minutes we had already had various killings and an enema involving a shotgun!

Don’t want to over analyse the story to much. No point as there isn’t one. Just more of what has gone before. Jason Statham beating down anything and everything that gets in his way.

Other comparisons I have heard are that this sequel is like a live action version of Grand Theft Auto and I can kinda of see it. Every character is out for themselves and everyone is like a walking stereotype. Not that this detracts from the film in any way. I wasn’t looking for characters I liked. I wanted to see bad guys get fucked up in a spectacular fashion and that’s exactly what I got.

Everyone looks as though they are having a absolute blast making this. Statham all glowering and pent up aggression, Amy Smart wearing little but pink hot-pants, David Carridine as a geriatric Triad gangster, Corey Haim and his much needed uber-mullet action and Ginger Spice as Chev’s mum (WTF!!!)

Fuck knows where the will go next. There’s bound to be another sequel but I’ll be damned if I know how. Mind you I said that about the first film.

Later ‘Let the Right Cheesecake In’ first lunch

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