Desktop Tinkering Win 7 Style

This afternoon I have been messing about with the desktop functions in Windows 7. I have been tinkering away using Rainmeter, ObjectDock and the Win 7 options themselves. Now I don’t claim to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I think it has turned out quite well.


I was particularly pleased you can hide the clock on the taskbar. You can probably spot I use quite a large desktop gadget for this so find it unnecessary in the bottom right of the screen as well.

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Countdown to The Great Escape

In a break from the norm Mrs Cheesecake and I haven’t gone to the cinema today. It’s ok, before you ask, we aren’t sick. Preparations are currently under way for our road trip. It’s been about four years since we have been on a break that hasn’t been visiting either of our respective families. I plan to blog a bit while we are away so I’m not going to talk to much about our destination yet.

One of the things we are planning to do is a boat trip so it makes sense that we prepare for this. Turns out it is almost impossible to find an appropriate waterproof jacket that does cost loads of cash. Step forward e-Bay and your much cheapness. After trooping all over town we ended up coming home and purchasing over the web. Town wasn’t an entrie washout however. I did manage to end up with three new t-shirts and a new shirt and Mrs Cheesecake purchased a rather spiffing skirt. Take it from me loyal reader trying to get Mrs Cheesecake to buy something for herself is no easy task so I consider this a moral victory.

In other news, I managed to pick up a copy of the Windows 7 release candidate and have installed it on it’s own little partition so I can test it out later today. I had a sneaky look last night and I have to say what I have seen so far looks pretty good. Certainly a bit less clunky than Vista.

I feel a mini rant brewing. I’m kinda annoyed at my family. Not Mrs Cheesecake, I mean my family back in the old country. I made a point of e-mailing then and sending text messages and they never get in touch. I have a laptop with a webcam and a Skype account and I never get a video chat. Damn that’s pisses me off. Here is an example. Do you know how many times my father has visited me since I moved house four years ago? None. Not once. That is just poor. Don’t get me wrong if I meet him in the street tomorrow he would be overjoyed to see me but he memory of a goldfish and forgets that we haven’t spoken for ages.

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