Czider drinkin and crazy dreams

This evenin I is all by my lonesome.

Mrs Cheesecake has headed south to meet some cyber chums and, I believe the technical term is squeeeeee over the new series of Robin Hood. It may have something to do with Richard Armitage (it normally does).

Due to unforseen technical issues my plans to watch season 3 of The Unit have fallen through so I am at a lose end. Only option to blog likes I have has never blogged before.

On the upside I do have some booze. Specifically a bottle of Jacques Cider. This stuff is awesome. Cider with fruit = work of genius. It reminds me of my student days when it used to be cider and black every Friday, happy days.

NiceOh I just remembered I said I was gonna blog about my dream from the other night .

So basically I was backstage at Tonight with Jonathan Ross. Don’t ask me why because I can’t think of a single reason. Anyway cutting to the chase a group of TV and Film celebrities including Eddie Izzard, Phil Jupitus, Billy Connolly and Rufus Hound were attempting to convince me to change my facial hair. It was all very strange.

I’ve had my beard since I was about 18 years old (I’m now nearly 35). In that time I have shaved it off twice. In each instance I swiftly realised how much I looked like a disgruntled King Edward potato.

I’m not sure if my sub-conscious was trying to tell me something  or not. Very weird indeed.

I really should get left on my own should I.

Time for biscuits I think

Later peoples

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