A Week of Cheesecake

This week a bring you a random assortment of the stuff that has happened in our house

The Seven Day Sandwich

Mrs Cheesecake and I enjoy watching Man vs Food. I you haven’t ever seen it I strongly advise you check it out, it fucking rocks. Anyway it got us to thinking about all the strange a delicious looking foods that our American cousins have access. How easy would it be to replicate this sort of culinary adventure in the UK? We decided we would give it a go. We set our sights on creating a Reubens. The primary ingredient is salt beef. Just to make things interesting we thought we would have  bash a preparing our own salt beef. Turns out this takes the minimum of seven days. The beef has to be soaked in water that contains various herbs. Was it successful? We will find out tomorrow. I am hoping for something along these lines.
Reuben Sandwich

Paging Dr Cheesecake

A few months ago I entered a competition to appear in a book by the publisher Abaddon. Bugger me if I didn’t go ahead and win. The prize was to have an academic named in one of the appendices in the novel Savage Knight by Paul Lewis. I decided the nominate Mrs Cheesecake instead and today the book arrived. I had a rummage and low in behold on page 279 the following….
Dr Cheesecake
This may be the coolest fucking thing ever. I’m sort of jealous I gave the prize away now. She’ll be in print forever. Immortality achieved at last.

2011 Challenge Update

We are well and truly in the final stretch. After nearly 10 months I have managed over 16000 sit ups. Less than 4000 to go. Happy days. Actually that is not entirely accurate. I have to think of what I am going to do in 2012. I’ve done the huge cycle trek (500km in 2010) so I am looking for suggestions for next year. No not chin ups I am to tall for that. Perhaps I should come up with some sort of weight training program? I’m sure I can come with something. Hey you never know one day I may not be fat anymore. Stranger things have happened. Admittedly I’m unsure what these stranger things are but you get the gist.
Ohh before I forget, if you feel the urge you can still donate to my just giving page. Well I say mine. It is one that I share with my amigo @Seabrie. Together we are Two Fat Men. Impressive non?

Sunday Night Whimsy

I am a creature of habit. After a long hard week I enjoy putting my feet up and giving my self over to the Lords of Whimsy. What, you may ask, is this? I have this theory that someone, somewhere invented a rule that every Sunday night there has to be a lavish looking TV show on. Disagree? I submit the following as evidence. Hamish Macbeth, Monarch of the Glen, Lark Rise to Candleford (known as Lark Rise to Bumble Fuck in our house – I don’t know why either), Spooks, Downton Abbey. Now don’t get me wrong. These shows ain’t Shakespeare but but sure as hell are entertaining.
Oh well enough of this jibber jabber
Stuff to do
Laters Taters,Adios
Mr C

Just realised this my 150th post. Can’t let this go by without a Fuck Yeah! I can also pretty much guarantee that there will be 150 more. I mean where the hell else am I going to waxy lyrical.

The fishy finger of fate…

You asked for it. I listened. (It’s always the same isn’t it. You try to get out but they always claw you back in.)

Anyway – back due to popular demand (does three people count as popular demand ???) its another sandwich related blog. Without any further ado on with the show.

Last night Mrs Cheesecake and I went back to an old favourite. The fish finger.

‘Wait a minute Pablo’ I hear you cry ‘Haven’t you blogged about this before?’ Your right but this time there’s a twist.

Oh yes….wait for it….salmon fish fingers. WTF!!!

Truly we live in a golden age. When the good boffins at Birdseye can take something as glorious as the humble fish finger and improve on perfection.

The fishwiches were created using a seeded wholemeal batch loaf, mayonnaise, cucumber and in Mrs Cheesecakes case a little lemon juice to add a bit of zing!

All credit to them they were a fine fishwich. Really hit the spot! My only concern is now that Birdseye have me hooked they will up the price knowing full well that I am unable to resist. Honestly it is the fishwich equivalent of crack.

In other news Mrs Cheesecake’s internet rampage continues. I have now slipped into 3rd place after Mr M Sheen and Mr R Armitage. Well I can’t complain I will be starting work on my first magnum opus shortly. Yes I’ve got my video camera back so I’ll be starting my own project soon!

Until next time loyal fanbase


Snow Day and a perfect sandwich

So the UK has been brought to a standstill by the inclement weather. Good times – I got out of work 2½ hrs early 🙂 Bad Times – Turns out there is a hole in my shoe and my sock got extremely wet 🙁

On a more positive note this evenings bill of fare will include the best sandwich known to man. That’s right Fish Finger!!!! Truly this sandwich is the work of some higher power.

Look at this thing of beauty! Oh and the ketchup is mandatorynot optional. If you want to mix things up a little I would suggest Birdseye Fish Fingers with a hint of lemon and Heinz Tomato Ketchup with Sweet Onion. This combination is the work of genius. I challenge anyone to come up with a better sandwich than this. I do not think it possible.

Forward to the weekend and some extreme brain candy is required. I reckon Punisher: Warzone might just fit that criteria. As long as there are explosions and stylized hyper violence I will be a happy bunny.

Until the next episode of mindless drivel