Michael Sheen and a Thursday Sauswich

Evenin’ all.

Welcome to the second in the infrequent series regarding sandwiches and their many a varied fillings. Before I start wittering about my latest foray into the ‘world of the wich’ I want to make an official complaint.

Damn your black heart Michael Sheen! Recently Mrs Cheesecake became the proud owner of the following domain http://www.michael-sheen.co.uk . She has some crazy notion about creating website dedicated to this most versatile of modern actors. A side effect of this is that I have become an internet widow.

Sheen on hearing the news

Ahh well, on with the show as they say.

Last night I was feeling particularly lazy when it came to creating my usual culinary morsels for dinner. Only one choice – emergency wich. For those of you that have read my blog before you are aware of my strong feelings re the finger of fish. Alas no fingers available so sausage won out.

a sauswich yesterday

Mrs Cheesecake has a natural aversion to thick skinned sausage (ahem) so we went for a nice chipolata. Multiple sauces were the order of the day. She went for a BBQ honey-smoked affair while I placed my trust in some old school mustard. Success all round!

You’ve been beautiful. I’ve been here.


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