Why isn’t it Friday?

Its been a while since I gave my brain a shake to see what would fall out. Not that I need a reason or anything but seeing as it’s a Thursday and Mrs Cheesecake is involved in some hardcore gaming activity I thought I would type some of the letter keys on my keyboard and see where I ended up.

Politics…Fuck Yeah!

I got a letter today from a Mr Ed Milliband. Apperently he thinks we are friends. He wants to have a chat. I have been musing about my response for a couple of hours and I have come to the conclusion I would rather have my knackers trapped in a vice and hit repeatedly with a cricket bat. After the spectacular horror that was the last General Election I think politics and I need time away from one another. We’ll still talk and try remaining civil, if only for the children’s sake, but for the most part we need to go our separate ways.

Book Overload

This week for reasons I still don’t fully understand I decided to read four books rather than the usual two. I won’t be attempting that again in a hurry. My brain was completely frazzled by the end of the fourth book. All my free time was taken up with reading. I think I’ll chock this one up as an experiment. I have learned my limits if nothing else.

Hmm tonight’s effort short but sweet.

Night all

2011 – The Year of the Cheesecake?

I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of days now and I thought I would finally write something down. I have decided that in 2011 I’m going to go the whole resolution route. If my little escapade last year taught me anything it was that if I stick to a task I can complete it. Bearing that in mind I have decided I’m going to do the following.

  • 20000 sit-ups in 2011. I figure if I can cycle 500 kilometers in 2010 then I can up my game and try something I bit more hardcore as it were.
  • More writing – Not in the way you think though. I’ve bought myself a diary and I’m keeping it to myself. I think it will help me make sure I remember things a bit better. I find unless I have a to-do list my personal time management really suffers. Fuck that sounds awfully grown up. Not sure I like the sound of this or not. Time will tell.
  • More reading – I think I need to push myself out of my comfort zone a bit more. I tend to fall back on the same genres and themes whenever I look for a new book. Hopefully this will broaden my horizons a bit.
  • Eating better – I always suffer a bit around Christmas. At the moment I am firmly wallowing in the post Christmas doldrums. I need to eat better. More of my five a day and all that. I hope this will work well in conjunction with point one.
  • Try and get over my shyness – Once I know you I’m all good but until I do I tend to be bit awkward and can a appear somewhat brash. This is all front on my part (God this is why I love the Interweb. I can pretend I am talking to myself and it is much easier to get this sort of stuff out there). I just need to get better at talking to people face to face.

So there you have it. Will I achieve all these goals? Will I be a farty blubbery mess by the end of January? Fuck knows. Hang around I’m bound to let you all know.

Pablo Cheesecake – Random Thoughts

Normally, dear reader, I tend to use my blog to discuss film, books and at a stretch fish finger sandwiches. Today I decided that for a bit of a change I would just write a bit about stuff. Just some random odds and sods and see where I end up.

The Winter Olympics

I make no secret about the fact that I am more an Autumn\Winter kinda guy. My first vivid memory is one of snow (strange as I was born in July). This has stayed with me throughout life and I always look forward to winter. It may also explain why I like lumberjack shirts but that’s not really relevant here. I think this is why I prefer the Winter Olympics to the Summer games. This time around I have been somewhat lax in my viewing (ok INCREDIBLY lax). I only managed to catch the Men’s Ice Hockey final. I was fucking ace though. The US of States vs Canadia. The third period and overtime were very exciting. Mrs Cheesecake enjoyed the game as well. Always a surprise to be caught up in a sporting event as , anyone who knows me will know, I’m not what you would describe as sporty. Portly yes, sporty no!

Blogs and Blogging

Recently I’ve noticed that I am reading/following far more blogs than I did before. I blame Twitter, damn your soulless black heart *shakes fist*. Though I have tried to be resistant Twitter has successfully expanded my horizons and I now follow more than a dozen blogs. Previously I followed two. The topics range from movie news to book reviews with friends blogs thrown in for good measure. I’ve started using Feed Demon to manage the blogs I follow. I can heartily recommend this excellent tool it allows me to categorize and view the blogs in the order I prefer.


Last year I was drinking way to much coffee. My daily caffeine intake was so high that by about 4pm I would normally have a headache. Another side effect  – I was really short tempered. I had a tendency to come home and stomp about like a bear with a sore head (if you saw me you would appreciate just how apt that description is). For about six months now I have cut right down. I still take the odd coffee but we are talking about one or two cups a month. Instead I have moved to caffeine free tea bags. You know what. I feel loads better. I think I’m a bit mellower than I was before and the afternoon headaches have disappeared.


While I’m wittering about health. You may recall I wrote at the beginning of the year that I had decided to set myself a physical challenge. For two reasons (1) I could do with the exercise (2) I wanted to commit to something and see it through to completion. With that in mind I decided to cycle 500km in 2010. Two months in an I am coming up on my first milestone. By the 13th March I will reach my first 100km. I’m glad to say I am finally starting to get into the groove with this. The first month was killer but the second was starting to get easier. I suppose I should mention I’m not just cycling I and weight training as well. I train five out of every seven days. I just have to try an keep up the momentum I suppose. I have allowed for interruptions in the my regime. I figure I can allocate up to twenty days off due to unforeseen circumstance. So far I am glad to report I have only used one day.

In another health related note I got a wisdom tooth removed today. The process was a lot easier than I imagined. I am concerned that once the anaesthetic wears off it may smart a little.

In fact I don’t think I can right anymore just now.

Later peoples and remember to brush regularly

Cheesecake Out

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Scotland – Get it up ye! – A Love Letter

I was sitting drinking a can of Irn Bru and it struck me that Scotland is a truly bizarre place. Don’t get me wrong I love it dearly and wouldn’t change a thing but there are some fantastically odd things that seem to just happen there and nowhere else. So for your delectation and delight a run down on what is great about the world’s most eccentric country.

  • Deep fried food – It’s true your average Scottish punter will deep fry anything. If it’s not nailed down it’s fair game. Traditionally fish, sausage, haggis or more obscurely pizza, Mars bars, ice cream. I have even seen Cadbury’s Cream Eggs deep fried at Easter. I can feel my arteries hardening from here. Arrgh I hear you cry that sounds terrible. Wrong…this is proof positive of some higher power in the universe. These tasty deep fried treats exist to soak up alcohol like it is going out of fashion. They can extend a drinking session by hours, in some cases days.
  • Men in skirts – The Scotsman has always been stereotypically portrayed as a hard man. Is this something to do with a national costume that is guaranteed to illicit sniggers? Honestly though as it goes wearing a kilt is a pretty cool experience ( I mean that literally and metaphorically). I wore a kilt when I got married and wouldn’t have done it any other way.
  • Haggis – Made from God knows what (adhering to a strict don’t ask, don’t tell policy) the mighty Haggis is Scotland’s national dish. The great thing about it is that you can try it all over the country and you will get slight variations every single time. When a Haggis is served it does like like the culinary equivalent of a dare but I advise you to give it a go. You will be pleasantly surprised and remember some poor bastard was up at the crack of dawn catching it for you!

I could wax lyrical about so much more that is Scotland. The historic landmarks, the stunning natural beauty, the culture and history but when it all comes down to its all about my list above. Foods based on a dare and men in skirts! I demand you all go there now and check it out.

Later people of the world

Cheesecake out.

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Pablo Cheesecake: Year One

Can you believe it! A whole fuckin year! Now I admit I started slowly…ok very slowly…ok there were only three posts in the whole of 2008 but it don’t matter none. I still broke my blogging cherry on May 26th 2008 so I have managed to stick to something for a whole 12 months.

I’ve spent the last 24hrs reflecting about how my world has changed in the last 12 months. Have I evolved as a human being? Am I a better person than I was a year ago? Fuck knows and more to the point who cares. Much more importantly I decided it would be insightful to capture my many moods using the medium of photography.


Ok so my first effort caught me unawares (damn you timer thingy!)


Right looks like pic 2 not much better than pic 1. Actually if I loose a few pounds maybe I could audition for the role of Beaker in the live action version of The Muppet Show.


Woah there big guy stop lovin the camera!


I was getting sleepy by this point.


At last success

In review over the last 12 months I’ve brought you the following.

  1. Multiple movie reviews of varying quality.
  2. In-depth discussion of the ultimate fish finger sandwich
  3. My opinions about some of the best shows on the box
  4. Interesting gadgety type stuff
  5. Drunken incoherent rage

Who know what’s next? I certainly don’t. Randomness is the way of the future. In the last year I have tripled my audience. That’s right 3 regular readers (and only one of them is my wife). In the next 365 days I’m going to double that or I’ll start posting naked pictures of myself on the blog. NOT A THREAT A PROMISE!

If I can be serious for a second. In all honesty I find writing a blog cathartic. Now I know not that many people read this. I know don’t provide earth shattering, life changing content but you know what it’s fun. I look forward to venting my spleen. I respect the fact that everyone out there is entitled to their opinion about everything. Well hello world here’s mine.

Anyway I’ve taken up to much of your time already (if you’ve got this far). I’m going to be here for the foreseeable future so if your every back this way again feel free to stop by.

Till next time remember

In 2008, a crackpot idiot was sent to prison by absolutely no-one for a crime he didn’t commit. This man promptly escaped to the internet underground. Today, totally un-wanted by the government, he survives as an utter jackass. If you have a problem, if no one else can help (and I really mean worst case scenario), and if you can find him, maybe you can hire… The Cheesecake-Team.

Holiday Time

I’ve been very lax of late regarding the old blog. One of my biggest problems is laziness and I hate not made any effort to update my random internet scribblings. I intend to remedy this now!

So a quick update on things. This week end we adopted a couple of kittens. Odin and Freya are brother and sister and are currently four months old. Odin is all black while Freya is black with white patches on her face and paws. I think they are settling in well, for example they are both asleep on the sofa as I type away. There was a slight panic yesterday when Freya attempted to make a break for outdoors via the chimney but Mrs Cheesecake caught her in the nick of time.

Also we are on holiday. The weather is great so it doesn’t matter that this year we are staying at home. It’s my birthday on Thursday so I am looking forward to that. 34 years old and still acting like a 12 year old, some things never change!

And so it begins…

Ok so welcome to my blog thingy. I’ve decided to ponder the universe using the electronic medium of the internet. I tried interpretive dance but that didn’t work so blogging seemed like the next logical step.

Sorry I lied about the dance thing. I’m a big chap and reasonably clumsy. I just felt that mentioning an artistic hobby may make me sound more windswept and interesting. I guess not. In fact when I comes to hobbies I don’t really have any. I read, I watch TV and movies but I don’t do anything creative. Maybe this is my creative thing???

Anywho how are you all? Well I hope. I’ve just spent the last 2 hours ironing (who says I’m not a new man) and watching Who Dares Wins. Days off don’t get much better than that. Ok perhaps not the ironing bit but the film is kick-ass. If you’ve never seen it I strongly suggest that you locate a copy. It’s well worth the search.

So let me tell you a little about myself. Actually I don’t think I will. Not yet anyway. Perhaps if anyone out there is interested maybe I will eventually answer some questions but at the moment I will relish the air of mystery. Anyway the photo says a lot don’t you think?

I’m not sure how often I am going to post or indeed about what. I just sort of like the idea of an internet message in a bottle. I guess all bloggers feel like that to a degree don’t they? Your all out there aren’t you with your ideas and thougths just bursting to get out. I’ll have a think about it all . Maybe there is something I feel I should share. I’m thinking kinda a stream of conciousness type thing (ideas on a postcard).

Oh as a kind of facebook type status update thing – my blog was brought to you by the sound of the wind outside. (see there you go I’m sharing already. Now you all know I live somewhere that has wind outside of it.) For more exciting factoids please feel free to take a look at my profile.

Who knows when I’ll be back this way again. If I feel the urge to post could be tomorrow but then again it might not. I’ll let you know. Until we meet again. Laters!