Holiday Time

I’ve been very lax of late regarding the old blog. One of my biggest problems is laziness and I hate not made any effort to update my random internet scribblings. I intend to remedy this now!

So a quick update on things. This week end we adopted a couple of kittens. Odin and Freya are brother and sister and are currently four months old. Odin is all black while Freya is black with white patches on her face and paws. I think they are settling in well, for example they are both asleep on the sofa as I type away. There was a slight panic yesterday when Freya attempted to make a break for outdoors via the chimney but Mrs Cheesecake caught her in the nick of time.

Also we are on holiday. The weather is great so it doesn’t matter that this year we are staying at home. It’s my birthday on Thursday so I am looking forward to that. 34 years old and still acting like a 12 year old, some things never change!

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