Rambling, Disjointed Observations From Within the Midst of a Pandemic

Remember dear internet chums there is no place for puncuation here. This is waffle (drivel) in its purest form. Feel free to stick around and enjoy as a permanently confused Scottish man mentally unravels in ever-growing increments*. If you listen really carefully you can probably here it happening in real time.

Dont say I didn’t warn you…

What The Actual Fuck?

Wow, 2020 has just been stupid crazy so far hasn’t it? We’ve moved from confused, passed odd, through panicked and onwards to terrifying and that was all just in one week around mid-March. The murder hornets were nearly my pick of the year so far but COVID-19 just managed to edge them out of the top spot. The uncertainty of our current existence is hard work (more on that shortly). 

I think the key thing to remember is that we are only just half way through the year. There are all manner of terrible things that could (probably will) happen before the end of December. Its all still to play for.

Meanwhile politics has gone beyond satire into the realms of batshit crazy, the new normal is now just normal. A racist is in charge in the US (please note, the previous statement is not open to debate. HE IS A RACIST). In Britain an entitled buffon plays at being a leader while his strings are being pulled by a man who thinks he is far cleverer than he actually is. The trans-Atlantic game of fuckwit one upmanship would be hysterical if it werent for the fact people are suffering because of these pricks.

A couple of arseholes yesterday

We should be looking to countries like New Zealand and Germany as  blueprint of how things could/should be. Both run by women, I think that particular fact speaks volumes. 

Living At Work

Working from home is a thing that has happened. Part of me is enjoying the experience. I think it is over four months now and my other half hasnt killed me…yet. I’ll take that as a win. It is nice to be able to share my lunch break with her every day. I’m curious to see how my employer will handle those wanting to continue the working from home situation when the office reopens. We’ve proven working from home is viable so will it be considered a long term option? I’ll admit there is a small part of me that is missing wider social interaction. Dont get me wrong Teams, Zoom, Skype and Facebook are all good when it comes to video calls but its not the same as being in the same room as someone is it? Ultimately I am having some good days and some bad days. For me I’ve found the best option is taking each day as it comes. Trying to stay busy seems to help. If I stop for too long I find myself focusing on the wrong things. Its easy to fall into your own neagtive thoughts.

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

The flip side to all the negativity is that there are some amazing people out their doing amazing things.

We’ve experienced some of these things ourself. Our new next door neighbor came around to introduce themselves a few days ago and when the discovered my other half is shielding they immediatley offered any assistance should she need it. Thats a pretty amazing thing to so when you have known someone all of about three minutes.

The professionalism of the NHS and our other emergency services remains, more so than ever, inspirational. Never mind z-list celebrities, footballers and the like its the doctors, nurses, hospital porters and cleaners who are real heroes.

Those courageous people who are determined to promote and embrace real change in the world for the better. Racism is a blight on the planet and needs to stop. I’ll admit to a degree of ignorance  on my part so I’m trying to educate myself. I’ve learned a lot about the nature of privilege in the last few months than I have ever learned in the last forty+ years. Its not enough to just be not racist you have to be actively anti-racist.

Run Away! Run Away!

There are some things that have kept me going in these uncertain times. When it comes to entertainment I am all about the escapism. Taking a break from yourself can be a genuinely cathartic experience. Here are just a few things that are currently cheering my weary heart – 

The Last of Us 2 is just as good, if not better, than its predecessor. As apocalypses go, it is a little bit brilliant. I am playing in one hour slots just so I can eek out the game for as long as possible. Five hours in and I am already an emotional husk of a man. Naughty Dog are unparalleled when it comes to compelling, narrative gameplay. They are just so good at story telling. I am more than a little bit in awe, it is such a truly immersive experience. If a television version of these games does ever materialise then it has the potential to be something quite special. As the kids say, “its giving me all of the feels”. 

Twelve months from now…

Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga is the best movie about The Eurovision Song Contest you are ever going to see. True it may be the only movie about Eurovision you are ever going to see but it is unashamedly self depricating and wonderfully joyous. The contest always brightens my soul and in the absence of an Icelandic winner this year** I’ll settle for a movie instead. I dont think you could ask for more. Jaja Ding Dong, indeed.

♫♪♪ Volcanic Protector Man ♫♪♪

Though my reviewing mojo is currently all over the place I have still read some cracking books. Did you know I’ll have been running The Eloquent Page for ten years come the end of July. I never would have believed I would have stuck to it this long if I’m honest. Some people even actually rate my opinion about genre fiction, the foolish fools. On a more serious note, I think I would be lost if I didnt have my books to fall back on. They are my security blanket of choice. Being able to share my thoughts, however fuzzy and indistinct, about them is one of my favourite things.

We’re rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the beginning. The 1990s look like a different planet from a million years ago. Its a double edged sword. Its fun to reconnect with the characters but it reminds me constantly that I’m a middle aged man now. I have a sneaking suspicion I may no longer be quite so rock and roll as I think I am. I do intend to try and counter this dawning realisation by getting more tattoos as soon as the fates will allow.

Oh! I’m Done, How Very Abrupt

If you’ve got this far then I apologise I have already taken up far more of your time than was entirely necessary. I do however appreciate you stopping by. Be nice to people and look out for one another.

*It may be that this is just the sound of my brain dripping out me ears. We’ll probably never know

**Daði Freyr was robbed!!

State of the Cheesecake Nation – 2014 Edition

Lets just skip the whole “it’s been months since your last update” thing. It has been months and I’m truly sorry. Onwards!

And the award for musical excellence goes to…

My other half knows that I am a sucker when it comes to the more unusual musical nuggets you can find on the internet. She heard this and immediately thought of me. I’ll be honest I can’t for the life of me think why?

Oh I remember now – an army of evil undead unicorns invading Dundee. Knew I’d remember eventually. The album, Tales from the Kingdom of Fife is gloriously silly but also manages to be proper RAWK at the same time. Gloryhammer are great fun. Highly recommended listening my internet chooms.

The Remake/Reboot Quandary

Lots of buzz floating around at the moment regarding various reboots and remakes. Robocop reappeared recently and immediately polarised opinion. There has also been lots of talk re new Fantastic Four movie on the horizon. When it comes to remake and reboots I tend to take each on a case by case basis. There are certain films for example where I think it would be entirely unnecessary. Your never going to better the likes of Jaws or The Godfather so frankly why bother trying. On the other hand comic book movies can be remade/reimagined and work quite successfully. Spiderman being a perfect example. I enjoyed Tobey Maguire’s take but Andrew Garfield’s version is equally valid.

Random Internet Wish Fulfilment

I read a wild rumor yesterday that Mads Mikkelsen might be being considered to possibly be in with a chance of being involved with being in the running for Dr Strange*. That has the potential to be spectacularly bonkers if by some slim, and I mean proper tiny here people, chance this turned out to be true. Imagine Hannibal Lecter as the Sorcerer Supreme. I reckon he could pull that role off with aplomb.

Mads Mikkelsen yesterday

Mads Mikkelsen yesterday

On a side note – I’ve always been a fan of Dr Strange’s huge oversized collar. I hope that makes it into the movie version when it does finally appear.

You Might Think That, I Couldn’t Possibly Comment

Started watching US version of House of Cards. The Internets were all excited about season 2 so I thought I best give season 1 a try. It’s kinda weird as I still have reasonably vivid memories of the original UK version with Ian Richardson. Don’t get me wrong I was impressed with Kevin Spacey’s performance. Frank Underwood is suitably manipulative and power hungry but I think Francis Urquhart just nudges it for me. Weirdly this article in the Telegraph sort of captures my point. I will continue watch the new version though. I am intrigued to see the differences between the two interpretations.


Francis has his eye on you. Run away!

Anyway, enough of this internet folderol. I’m off to go and contribute to society in some far more meaningful way. Perhaps a new book review?


Till next time brethren,

Be excellent to one another and stay frosty

Sir Francis Cheesecake

* My that was a long sentence wasn’t it? Got there in the end mind you so I think we’re all good.

Pablo Cheesecake Wants You….

…well your ideas anyway.

Let me explain

I’ve been pondering the big four oh for a while now, weird because mentally I think I’ll always be  perpetually about fifteen but hey ho. I suppose I view reaching this age, like a lot of people, as something of a milestone. Now, I’ll admit that I’m not quite there yet (my 40th birthday isn’t actually until 24th July 2014. Feel free to mark it on your calendars NOW people!) but it has given me a bit of an idea. I’ve decided that from my thirty-ninth birthday until the big day I am going to attempt forty tasks that I’ve never done before. You know, sort of a bucket list type thingee.

This audacious plan involves me creating a new website where I’ll blog about my various adventures and maybe even get some amusing photos/videos posted. I’ve purchased the domain name pablodoes40things.co.uk (calm down, don’t go there yet just yet. I’ll let you know when it’s live.)

To begin with though I need a bit of help from you lovely virtual pixes that live in the InterTubes. I need some suggestions of things that I can try/do as part of my mission. There are only three rules to this.

  • Firstly,  I really can’t do heights AT ALL so I wont be throwing myself out of any planes or bungee jumping naked off Big Ben.
  • Secondly,  I’m not independently wealthy so cost is a factor. Please take that into consideration if you have an idea.
  • Finally – I am a delicate flower so contact sports are out. (Sad I know, pesky brain injury. I always imagined I’d be rather good a rugby.)

To give you an idea of that sort of thing I am talking about here is the list as it currently stands.

  1. Knitting
  2. Ice Skating
  3. Read ‘Catcher in The Rye’
  4. Knife and Axe Throwing
  5. Visit Stonehenge
  6. Visit Glastonbury Tor
  7. Falconry
  8. Skype someone in another country
  9. Walk a dog (I’ve been with people who have walked their dogs but I’ve never actually walked a dog myself. I know, crazy).
  10. Got to an observatory
  11. Enter a race. (They tell me that it’s the taking part that counts.)
  12. Watch the number one film from each year from 1974 onwards. For reference I’m using this site http://www.films101.com/y1974r.htm
  13. Get my back waxed (*gulps*)
  14. Climb a mountain
  15. Go to a ballet
  16. Eat a Pontefract cake
  17. Go to an opera
  18. Create a short film
  19. Attend a dance class (not sure what style yet?)
  20. Yoga

Sadly (you may have noticed) I’ve only have twenty things at the moment. You all have to help!!! and remember this is things I have never done before.


If you have an idea feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line at pablocheesecake@me.com

I look forward to your nonsense with anticipation.

Pablo “does 40 things before he’s 40” Cheesecake

The Nature of an Obsessive Cheesecake

One Man and a List

I can get a little obsessive about stuff at times. During the week Mrs C pointed out a particularly good one. An obsession that I’ve never noticed before. (Turns out she spotted it years ago but never felt the urge to mention it before as she found it funny). It appears I have a habit of making verbal lists. Just can’t help myself. Most notably this happens when we first wake up or are on our way home from work. I feel compelled to tell MadNad exactly what I am going to do. Think a slightly more domestic version of this (with marginally less zombie killing and you’re thinking along the right lines).

Of course now that I am aware of this habit of mine it is driving me a little insane. The lists still kept forming in my head and I keep trying to stop it escaping out my mouth. Sad I know, but true. You know thinking about it I’m pretty sure that if I didn’t have something to obsess about I’d more likely than not obsess about that.

A Number of Cool Things

Some cool occurrences this week

  • My collection of Lego minifigs has a new addition, The Daredevil. The comment was made that there is a passing resemblance between him and I. You know what? I’m totally ok with that.

He has his own mutherjeffing cape!

So Much TV, So Little Time

Currently Mrs C and I are watching/attempting to watch the following programmes regularly – Face Off, Continuum, Fringe, Merlin, Arrow, Last Resort, Warehouse 13, Haven, The Wire, Mad Men, Hunted, Grimm, The Almighty Johnsons, White Collar, True Blood and The Walking Dead. Next week Big Bang Theory returns as well.  All of it is pretty great tv but it is definitely getting trickier to keep on top of all this. I’m concerned that my brain is going to start bleeding out my ears.

Anyway enough of this meaningless frivolity. Tomorrow should hopefully bring Windows 8, Blood Fudge, Richard Burton and naked space vampires. I can’t really imagine that life can get much better than that can it?

Later my denizens of the Interweb

Mr Obsessive Compulsive Cheesecake

2012 – The Year of the Cheesecake?

Happy New Year!

What does 2012 have in store I wonder? Mrs Cheesecake and I were talking about the highlights of 2011 this morning and I released she was able to list many more personal achievements than I. Don’t get me wrong I am intensely proud of her but also quite a bit jealous. I need to set myself some proper goals for a change. So here goes… (you can mock me about not completing them later in the year, say August?)

Project Cthulhu

I have started to save, thanks to some generous relatives at Christmas, and my first goal will be to get the design finalised and my first 3hr session booked. I reckon for around Easter. We shall see. The next update will be over on the project page. (See the link on the right hand side of the page)

He Don’t Have What We Call The Social Skills

I’m not too bad when I talk to people online and if I’ve known you for a real life for a while I’m ok as well but when it comes to meeting people for the first time I am still a bit of an oaf. I need to try a bit harder to get on with people. I’m just terribly shy, underneath all the bluster I mean. I’m nice most of the time, honestly.

On The Cusp of Less Rubbish-ness

I was going to call this section of the post On The Cusp of Greatness but if I am being 100% honest with myself greatness might be aiming a little high. Less rubbish seems a much more acceptable and achievable goal.

So what is the grand plan I hear cry? Well it is only a matter of days before the 2012 challenge begins in earnest. I plan a 500km run in 2012 (I must be off my fucking chump). I managed 20000 sit ups in 2011 but I think this endeavor is considerably upping my game.(I’ve joined a gym and got a new pair of trainers and everything). Why am I doing it? Really just as  personal challenge. To see if I can manage it I suppose. I need to loose some weight anyway so why not try some incredibly foolish way to do it.

I’m sure there will be further progress updates in the future, either that or I’ll be dead. We shall see. Time will out as they say.

Fuck it I’m bored of wittering now (that probably doesn’t bode well for all these lofty bloody goals does it?)

ho hum



Pablo Cheesecake and The Game of Shadows

Though we finished work last Friday today was our first proper official day off for Christmas. What did we do then?

First off a trip to the cinema in a very wet and miserable Nottingham. We decided to see the new Sherlock Holmes. My overall impression was extremely positive. The additions of Stephen Fry and Jared Harris to the cast were perfect. Harris makes a wonderful Moriarty (I kept catching glimpses of his father in his performance, all a bit spooky) and Fry is just as good as Mycroft. I going to go out on a limb here and suggest this is a better film than its predecessor. The scale is much larger than before and Downey Jr and Law have a rather marvellous chemistry/bromance going on that is very evident on screen. You never question the two performances for a second.

After the cinema a huge Chinese buffet beckoned (I am still full now hours later). We also did a bit of last minute shopping. Mostly for ourselves it has to be said. I got a Gruffalo pen and a new notepad. I dont need either of them but I did crave them.

No it’s not a self portrait….cheeky.

Once we got home I decided to do about of online shopping. I have received a few Amazon vouchers so it was time to load up my new Kindle with some choice items. After a bit of browsing I have 5 new ebooks and a Leatherman multi-tool.

Finally to round off the afternoon I sat and watched Laputa – Castle in the Sky. I am a huge fan of Studio Ghibli and this is my favourite. I just adore it. If you haven’t ever seen it I suggest you seek it out now. Go on, bugger off……Now, I mean it….

Bye bye

An Elementary Cheesecake


The name is Cheesecake….Pablo Cheesecake

Music is a huge part of my life. When I was young I had a bash and lets just say I didn’t set the world alight with my efforts. Enthusiastic yes, talented less so. That said I still have a strong appreciation for good music done well. Irrespective of the genre, type, style as long as it is performed well it has the ability grab my attention and maintain it.

Let me try to give you an example. Earlier today I was sitting down to write a book review. I tend to chuck iTunes or Spotify on in the background as a bit of  music tends to get my old brain working. Half way through I realised that I have stopped writing and instead I’m day dreaming about being a spy. Where had this thought come from? The book I was writing about had nothing to do with spies but some how Bond had managed to sneak in there.

Before I go any further I should clarify when I talk about Bond I mean this guy. 

Sir James Bond

What do you mean ‘Who is that?’ Dude it’s only David Niven as Sir James Bond from the 1967 version of Casino Royale. The closest thing you’ll get to perfection my friend.

The music though is the key. If it is done well I am so easily distracted it is frightening. The track in question was this marvel.

This is a work of Burt-Bacharachien genius. Brashy and ballsy but also delicate. Jazzy and epic at the same time. I adore the multi-layered sound. I can’t drive but this always makes me day dream about driving a sports car along a long stretch of winding road somewhere in the south of France. (I have no idea where this comes from either. It’s good though isn’t it).

The Return of The Curse of the Brown Trousers

A while back I wrote about my panic after buying a brown pair of trousers. After their arrival and I tried them all appeared to be well and I thought that chapter of my life was over. NOT SO. After a only a couple of weeks this happened.

Fucking Annoying

I bent over and bloody things only ripped on the arse. Weird thing is I dont even have that big an arse. If anything my arse is somewhat lacking. The good news is that fortunately Mrs Cheesecake is a dab hand with a needle and thread and she swooped in and fixed them. I’m pleased to report they haven’t ripped since.


I have a love/hate relationship with coffee. If I drink to much it gives me a headache and makes me a a bit narky. So much so that I made a decision about a year ago to stop drinking it. I have over the last couple of weeks I have start to dabble again but on a much smaller scale. Why? Because it is time to get myself down to Starbucks and get myself a redcup. The Eggnog Latte will be mine. Oh yes it will.

And Finally

I got these in the mail this week and I had to share.

Awesomeness in book form

The only question.Where to begin?

Enough of this light hearted procrastination…..onwards!

Toddle Pip

The Venerable Sir Pablo Cheesecake

A Week in the Life

This week I have been on holiday. I’ve been incredibly lazy but only because I’ve been in dire need for some down time. In my attempts to create a never ending stream of consciousness I have discovered some stuff that I never knew before. Without any further folderol I give you…..

Things I have learned this week

  • Bakewell pudding is not the same as Bakewell tart. Both however taste great.
  • X-Men First Class was
  • I am exceptionally good at giving directions that sound correct but are, in actual fact, shit.
  • Weather forecasting is a mugs game.
  • Lausanne is on my to-do list
  • So is Bruges
  • Great joy can be had from watching a garden grow (Sounds soft I know, but its true).
  • Ikea may be versed in the black arts. They make me desire objects I don’t need.
  • Hand cut chips can be a thing of rare beauty.
  • Managed to get to nearly 37 without ever seeing bees having sex and then stumbled upon it in the garden. That was truly un-expected.

Enough of this randomness
Laters Tatters

Thoughts For A Day

This evening nothing but ten random bits of news and thoughts that have occurred this very day –

  • The car passed its MOT
  • Cats as a rule are sneaky escape artists
  • A watched vegetable never grows
  • My sense of direction is excellent
  • I ate my first Portobello mushroom
  • Pirate related post is always a welcome surprise
  • Dandelions are tenacious fuckers
  • Being awake and outside at eight am on a Saturday is just plain wrong
  • Viewing a car accident appears to occur in slow-mo
  • If there can be but one Cornetto – make it strawberry

So there, in absolutely no order whatsoever, you have it. A number of things

Sometimes I think too much…

I apologise in advance for some of the content in this evenings post. Things get a bit heavy near the beginning. Ahh fuck it. I’ll be honest it’s the closest you’ll every get to deep and meaningful from me so you best enjoy it will you can.

Am I Really Me?

Here is  the head scratcher that I sometimes ponder in the wee small hours of the night. Before I get to the gist of this particular rambling I have to give you a bit of personal history by way of an explanation. When I was four and a half years old I was involved in a serious road accident. I was in the back of a car that was hit by an articulated lorry. The net result being that I was crushed between the front passenger seat and the seat that I was sat on. The back of my skull shattered into my brain and I was in coma for a number of weeks. Brain surgery fucking rocks btw! When I woke I had effectively rebooted. I had lost my memory, was unable to walk or talk. You may find it hard to believe but I was incredibly lucky. When I had first arrived at hospital I was only given hours. The fact that I am still here thirty two years later proves that I must be at least a little bit lucky?

Anyway back to my original point.

The thought that I keep coming back to is this – if the accident had never happened would I be the same person I am now? After the accident I was essentially Pablo Cheesecake 2.0. I had to re-learn everything. I wonder if I would have grown up to be different or the same as I am now. I often think about it. Have I replaced myself? Am I a totally different person from who I was before? Told you it was a mind-bender.

My Latest Brain Worm

For reasons I can’t even begin the fathom the Katy Perry song ‘Firework’ is stuck on my head. Can’t think why? I’m not what you would call a fan of her work. I’m sure she is fabulous, if you like that kind of thing. Phew we’re back on shallow ground again, that’s a relief. Katy Perry – Is she the one married to Brand?

The Hobbit

I watched the first production diary today and it filled me with warm and fuzzy feelings. Genuinely raised a smile. Later on I saw a tweet from Duncan Jones (director of Moon, Source Code) saying that this video reminded him of why he wanted to be a involved with movies in the first place. How cool is that?

Enough already