And so it begins…

Ok so welcome to my blog thingy. I’ve decided to ponder the universe using the electronic medium of the internet. I tried interpretive dance but that didn’t work so blogging seemed like the next logical step.

Sorry I lied about the dance thing. I’m a big chap and reasonably clumsy. I just felt that mentioning an artistic hobby may make me sound more windswept and interesting. I guess not. In fact when I comes to hobbies I don’t really have any. I read, I watch TV and movies but I don’t do anything creative. Maybe this is my creative thing???

Anywho how are you all? Well I hope. I’ve just spent the last 2 hours ironing (who says I’m not a new man) and watching Who Dares Wins. Days off don’t get much better than that. Ok perhaps not the ironing bit but the film is kick-ass. If you’ve never seen it I strongly suggest that you locate a copy. It’s well worth the search.

So let me tell you a little about myself. Actually I don’t think I will. Not yet anyway. Perhaps if anyone out there is interested maybe I will eventually answer some questions but at the moment I will relish the air of mystery. Anyway the photo says a lot don’t you think?

I’m not sure how often I am going to post or indeed about what. I just sort of like the idea of an internet message in a bottle. I guess all bloggers feel like that to a degree don’t they? Your all out there aren’t you with your ideas and thougths just bursting to get out. I’ll have a think about it all . Maybe there is something I feel I should share. I’m thinking kinda a stream of conciousness type thing (ideas on a postcard).

Oh as a kind of facebook type status update thing – my blog was brought to you by the sound of the wind outside. (see there you go I’m sharing already. Now you all know I live somewhere that has wind outside of it.) For more exciting factoids please feel free to take a look at my profile.

Who knows when I’ll be back this way again. If I feel the urge to post could be tomorrow but then again it might not. I’ll let you know. Until we meet again. Laters!

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