A Week in the Life

This week I have been on holiday. I’ve been incredibly lazy but only because I’ve been in dire need for some down time. In my attempts to create a never ending stream of consciousness I have discovered some stuff that I never knew before. Without any further folderol I give you…..

Things I have learned this week

  • Bakewell pudding is not the same as Bakewell tart. Both however taste great.
  • X-Men First Class was
  • I am exceptionally good at giving directions that sound correct but are, in actual fact, shit.
  • Weather forecasting is a mugs game.
  • Lausanne is on my to-do list
  • So is Bruges
  • Great joy can be had from watching a garden grow (Sounds soft I know, but its true).
  • Ikea may be versed in the black arts. They make me desire objects I don’t need.
  • Hand cut chips can be a thing of rare beauty.
  • Managed to get to nearly 37 without ever seeing bees having sex and then stumbled upon it in the garden. That was truly un-expected.

Enough of this randomness
Laters Tatters

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