The Cheesecake that Rocked

Bet you can’t guess what this blog will be about can you?

So the adorable Mrs Cheesecake and I have just returned from our local cinematorium. We have enjoyed the latest effort from a Mr R. Curtis (I believe he has previously had some success on the telly box and with other cinematic efforts.)

Set in 1966 at the height of pirate radio the film is choc full of whimsy and nostalgia. Now you’ve known me long enough now to know I am all about the whimsy and nostalgia.

There wasn’t much of a story but that’s not really an important factor in film like this. It was just a group of people doing something for the sheer enjoyment of doing it. That’s pretty fucking groovy in my opinion.

As you would expect in a film about the medium of radio the sounds were all classic. I particularly enjoyed it being the middle of the road stick in the mud that I am.

The cast were all excellent but special mention has to be made of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Nighy. I should also salute Jack Davenport for taking on a character called Twatt. Lets be honest that could haunt him for the rest of his career!

You've taught us so much Pablo Mrs Cheesecake and I got all rebellious on the way home and sang along to ‘Can I Play with Madness’ on the way home. Fuck Yeah we rock!

In other music related news I have started blipping on This is great fun and I have come across so sounds that, I have to be honest here, I would never have purposely sought out. If you want to hear my eclectic little collection of noise search out the Cheesecake.

Later minions!

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