The fishy finger of fate…

You asked for it. I listened. (It’s always the same isn’t it. You try to get out but they always claw you back in.)

Anyway – back due to popular demand (does three people count as popular demand ???) its another sandwich related blog. Without any further ado on with the show.

Last night Mrs Cheesecake and I went back to an old favourite. The fish finger.

‘Wait a minute Pablo’ I hear you cry ‘Haven’t you blogged about this before?’ Your right but this time there’s a twist.

Oh yes….wait for it….salmon fish fingers. WTF!!!

Truly we live in a golden age. When the good boffins at Birdseye can take something as glorious as the humble fish finger and improve on perfection.

The fishwiches were created using a seeded wholemeal batch loaf, mayonnaise, cucumber and in Mrs Cheesecakes case a little lemon juice to add a bit of zing!

All credit to them they were a fine fishwich. Really hit the spot! My only concern is now that Birdseye have me hooked they will up the price knowing full well that I am unable to resist. Honestly it is the fishwich equivalent of crack.

In other news Mrs Cheesecake’s internet rampage continues. I have now slipped into 3rd place after Mr M Sheen and Mr R Armitage. Well I can’t complain I will be starting work on my first magnum opus shortly. Yes I’ve got my video camera back so I’ll be starting my own project soon!

Until next time loyal fanbase


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