The Wolfman

Yesterday was a busy old day. Two movies at the cinema and then a comedy gig at a local theatre.

The first film we saw was The Wolfman. Directed by Joe Johnston this is an update of the 1941 film which starred Lon Chaney Jr. In this version Benicio Del Toro takes the lead role supported by Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving and Emily Blunt.

The film really looks splendid, loads of attention to the small details. The costumes are all great and the scenery is suitably gothic and creepy. Filmed on location in Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Derbyshire

One of the things I particularly liked was the effects work for the Wolfman himself. Rick Baker is responsible and does a great job. The Wolfman makeup is very similar to the 40s version and it works really well. Rick Baker was responsible for the excellent werewolf effects in An American Werewolf in London and he still hasn’t lost his touch.

One of the personal highlights of the film for me was Hugo Weaving’s moustache. It was spectacular and not a hair out of place. I think I was just jealous.

The film movies at a reasonable pace and the ninety minute run time fairly zips by. Good news as well for all you gorehounds out there as the Wolfman rips many a cast member into small pieces. There are torsos, limbs and heads getting flung about all over the place.

Mr Cheesecake (of The Yard)

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