Tentacles of Doom – Deep Rising (a retrospective)

Before GI Joe, Van Helsing and The Mummy Stephen Sommers directed what I consider to be his best film. A lovely intimate little monster movie called Deep Rising.

Now I know what your going to say “The Mummy was cool and all but I think Van Helsing was an unmitigated disaster and far to self indulgent. As far as GI Joe is concerned c’mon I’m not fucking 12”.

Ok I get it. You don’t like them. Fair enough. Your entitled to your opinion (it’s wrong) but lets not argue.

Anyway I’m not here to talk about what came later. I want to talk about an often neglected gem of a movie.

Deep Rising was originally released in 1998 and disappeared pretty quickly from the box office. Recently a random comment in a totally unrelated conversation sparked a memory of the film. I realised that it was missing from my collection. I had a hazy recollection of enjoying the film and hoped it would be worthwhile viewing again. I decided I would pick it up on DVD. The film has been around for years so I figured even if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be forking out a fortune for it. As ever Amazon delivered the goods, literally and metaphorically, so within 48hrs of my initial thought the DVD was in my grubby mits.

Funny tagline optional

Brief synopsis of the story – Group of nasty mercenaries are hired to attack worlds largest/fanciest/most expensive cruise liner in the middle of the South China sea. Owner of their charter boat, his engineer and the 1st mate are forced to assist the mercs in their nasty scheme. When they get to the cruise ship however every passenger is gone and there is bucket loads of blood everywhere…. I don’t want to spoil the surprise lets just say evil tentacled sea monsters and leave it at that.

Now this ain’t Shakespeare folks and the dialogue is a bit cheesy but all is forgiven cause the film nips along at a terrific pace and the action scenes are very well done. Kudos as well goes to Treat Williams. I always felt he deserved to be a bigger star than he actually is. His biggest success probably being Things to Do in Denver When Your Dead. He makes for a great action hero in my opinion.

The UK’s very own Jason Flemyng pops up as one of the mercs. He doesn’t last thought it has to be said.

Jason is royally fucked...

I should stress as well that it ain’t just all nasty skin shrivelling horror. Kevin J. O’Connor plays the comic relief and he does it well. It’s the elevator muzak gag that made me seek out the film again in the first place.

The effects are good and still hold up today over ten years later. The guts and gore are reasonably moderate as it’s only certificate 15.

All in all a solid movie well worth consideration. Anyone who enjoys a bit of horror sprinkled liberally with some action and just a pinch of comedy will enjoy this and you can get it for about £4 (total bargain).
So I cant fly because of the chance of snakes. Boats are now out due to the possibility of pissed off Kraken beasties. Shit I’m going have to walk everywhere. Wait a second have there been any monster movies on buses???


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