Pablo Cheesecake and the Lightning Thief

Chris Columbus directed the first two Harry Potter movies. The story of a normal, average, everyday boy who discovers that he is a wizard and has to learn how to live with his new life. He has also directed Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. The story of a normal, average, everyday boy who discovers he is part Greek god and has to learn how to live with his new life.
I’ve read a number of reviews that start like that. ‘Oooh it’s the same director and has a similar premise. Isn’t Hollywood scrapping the bottom of the barrel’ To these naysayers I blow a huge raspberry.   The myths of ancient Greece are good stories. They still resonate today. What kid isn’t going to enjoy things like Medusa, satyrs and centaurs? Guess what people….Greek mythology is so 2010! Just wait till the re-imagining/reboot/remake of Clash of the Titans hits our screens later this year. That will wipe those smug grins of those faces!

Personally I enjoyed the film. Kevin McKidd, Sean Bean and Steve Coogan are good as THE BIG THREE – Poseiden, Zeus and Hades. It would have been nice to see a bit more of Steve Coogan though. Hades as a kinda of slightly faded rock-star type was fun.

The younger members of the cast all did pretty good job as well. Logan Lerman plays Harry, sorry Percy (and if the Hollywood rumor mill is to be believed he is a strong contender for the Spiderman re-hash/re-jig/re-finagle). His partner is crime is Ron, sorry Grover played by Brandon T Jackson.

The effects were good particularly Medusa’s snakes and I liked the water effects towards the end. I guess some of the monsters may upset younger viewers so the PG rating is just about right.

I believe there are currently another four books in the series. I wouldn’t mind seeing more. I haven’t read the books but hope if more films are made we get to see a bit more of the Olympians. Hermes pops up in the current film and just looks just a bit sheepish. That was a bit of a shame. I would like to have seen a bit more of the other Gods.

From high atop Mt Olympus

Pablo Zeuscake

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