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Palace of Versaille - Lawn - Garden

Afternoon all. I have been very active this morning and mowed the lawn in my back garden. Its already that time of year that requires a commitment to green fingeredness that I am sadly lacking. Today, however, I have bit the bullet and I have to admit the garden looks better for it. As you can see from the attached photo (tee hee) I was kidding this isn’t my garden. What do you mean you guessed that!

Mrs Cheesecake has also been busy trimming her bush. Sorry couldn’t stop myself. I meant hedge. The garden is our own little escape from the outside world. I only wish it was a bit more secluded and quiet but who knows maybe one sunny day.

I had grand plans for writing a big old blog about stuff and nonsense but I now find myself filled with an ennui that forces me to stop straight away

Later loyal viewer

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