Cheesecake me to Hell

So today Mrs Cheesecake and I went to see Drag me to Hell. The latest offering from Sam Raimi. It was pretty good. I normally don’t enjoy horror films much but Mrs Cheesecake is a sucker for them and I always like to see her enjoy herself.

I’m not going to go into to much detail (I dont like publishing spoilers). The film is a mix of jump out your seat moments and outrageous visuals that Raimi is famous for.

There were two moments in the film that were in turn laugh out loud funny and utterly gross.

In other news I purchased Krull on DVD this afternoon. Top eighties movie. Liam Neeson, Robbie Coltrane, Alun Armstrong and Bernard Bresslaw in bit parts. It doesn’t get any better than that. Mrs Cheesecake continues her Michael Sheen completist obsession by puchashing Underworld 1 and 2.

In other news I mangaged to connect the Wii to the interweb and then was able to view tech goodness such as I Player via the TV. Truly a techno marvel.

The weather has been fucking great today. Unfortunatley this means that I will have to cut the grass tomorrow. Oh well I guess it is about time. Last week I saw a tribe of pygmies in the undergrowth.

I am feelin sleepy now so I think I’ll sign off.
Later peoples

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