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Cover of Cover of Clash of the Titans

The weather today was truly fucking atrocious. At one point Mrs Cheesecake and I were in the car and we could hardly see where we were going. Fortunately we go to the flicks so often the car can almost drive itself there. We did get pretty wet and now I’m sniffly but these are the lengths that Team Cheesecake will go to to ensure the films you want to see continue to get watched. I like to think we are providing a public service.

Terminator Salvation is pretty good. Christian Bale is acceptable as John Connor. Anton Yelchin makes for a convincing Kyle Reese and I think Sam Worthington is a name to watch. Role on the Clash of the Titans remake. As frequent readers know (I’m know your out there) I don’t like to delve into plots to much. No spoilers round here Mrs! There are a couple of nice nods to previous Terminator movies. The Govenator does make a guest appearance and I reckon there is a good chance it this makes enough money we will see more of the same.

I’ve heard people say that the films not up to much. McG is not really a massively respected director is he? Probably something to do with dicking around with only one name like Bono or Sting. In saying that I’ve seen worse. The sound in particular was quite something. At one point my whole body was vibrating due to the amount of bass used.

In other news I heard a rumor the other day that Brian Blessed is potentially going to be in the big screen version of Thor. Specifically playing Odin. I for one think this would be just about fucking perfect. Seriously can you imagine him bellowing “THOR’S ALIVE!!!”. Flash Gordon is one of my favorite movies of all time and a lot of that has to do with his work as Prince Vultan.

Well it looks about time for some dinner. I see pizza on the horizon shortly.

Till next time. Dont play with it, it will drop off.

Cheesecake out

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