Pablo Cheesecake : An Public Service Announcement

So finally after several months of waiting and the odd false start I received my replacement laptop. The original was stolen last November. The new laptop was supposed to be identical to the last but I have discovered that I have a copy of Windows Live Writer. 183039

Look its me trying it out….

Ooh… I must have an integrated webcam on the laptop as well. Either that or someone is taking photos right in front of me and I cant see them. Concerning, I think so.

In other news – folks have highlighted their concern regarding me sitting around all day in my pants doing nothing (see re-enactment below)


So I wont be doing that any more. Mrs Cheesecake is relieved on many levels.

Anywho I don’t really have anything important to blog about at the moment so I will go and do something less boring instead.


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