The Post with No Name…

Sounds ominous doesn’t it?

The truth couldn’t be more banal. It’s been ages since I wrote anything on my personal blog so I thought tonight would be a prime opportunity to do so. Immediately I had this idea I felt trapped. What should I call this mighty work? (The blogging world was my lobster so to speak). I wanted to write about just random thoughts and stuff that had happened in the last month but I just couldn’t figure out where to start. I very quickly discounted the titles Random Bollocks and also Never-ending Tosh. These both seemed to some up the content of what I was going to write but I just couldn’t bring myself to use either.

Hence the title. Now that I’ve got that out of the way let us begin.


I managed to snag a couple of free tickets to the 23 minute preview event next week. I am so jazzed about this. I remember seeing Tron when I was knee high to a grasshopper and it blew my mind. Based on what I have seen so far of the sequel I can only expect it will do exactly the same. This is one instance where I think that 3D will enhance rather than detract from the viewing experience.


Zombie Appreciation Month moves on a pace over at The Eloquent Page. Three reviews down and two more to go. This Friday I’ll be posting my thoughts on Feed by Mira Grant.

Prepare yourself!

It has been a lot of fun but I think I’m just about all zombied out. (Is zombied a word?)  Looking forward to reading something (anything) that doesn’t include the walking dead. Just need a change of pace I think.


I like to tinker around on my little website or write some random nonsense here on my blog. My better half however is far more advanced at this type of technical wizardry than I. She runs all by herself. It is bonkers the amount of time she puts in just to give her visitors a seamless M Sheen related experience. Hats off to her. She deserves some sort of Webbo award.  I may make her one. Its ok she doesn’t read this blog she’ll never know I suggested it.


I am very lucky. Every working day I get to walk across a university campus and see the changing seasons. At this time of year the colours are truly remarkable. No matter how shit my day has been I am always cheered by the walk home. I’m also look forward to my favourite time of year – Winter. I love the dark nights and a roaring fire. Gosh I’m getting all dewy eyed just thinking about it.

Enough of this sentimental jabbering.



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