Resident Cheesecake

Everyone has to have a few guilty pleasures in their life. You know what I’m talking about. Those little things that you know in your heart of heats are embarrassing,cheesy or just plain wrong. I have decided to admit my own personal shame. Here goes…….


My name is Pablo.

I enjoy the Resident Evil movies.

All of them.
 Survive the Cheese!

Back in 2002 when I sat down to watch the first film I didn’t have high expectations but by the time, the mighty, Colin Salmon was sliced and diced the movie had won me over.  Odd that this is yet another movie where Michelle Rodriguez dies. (Actually while I think about this how about letting her do  movie version of Anita Blake? The first couple of books before it went off on that weird supernatural pornfest it is now)

2004 brought us Resident Evil: Apocalypse. More of the same. The sinister Umbrella Corporation continuing to reek havoc on the good people of Racoon City.

Three years later and Resident Evil: Extinction hit our screens. The contagion released had gone global.

As each film was released and the plots got more and more outlandish I discovered that they had managed to worm a place in my heart. They are cheesy as hell but I love the fact that the don’t take themselves too seriously. The Resident Evil films are brain candy of the highest order. They are dumb but they know it and they are loads of fun.

Resident Evil: Afterlife is due for release in the UK next weekend. It’s in 3D, which I admit I’m not totally sold on yet but I’ll still be there.

WOW. Now that was liberating. I may do this again at some point. I am sure that I have a few more cinematical skeletons in my closet.


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