You sir are the grand-daddy of all liars…

When I say you I actually mean me. I posted at the end of July and said that normal service would be resumed and then managed to post nothing to this blog since then. That was a bit shit wasn’t it.

What say we take another run at this….

Normal service has now been resumed (hopefully).

the eloquent page

The real reason I haven’t posted anything this month is that my book review site, pluggy plug plug, has been up and running for just over a month now. I’ve had some nice feed back.  I’ve even managed to snag a couple of advance review copies of some books. Its an interesting process and I find I have to be a bit more structured when it comes to my reading. If I want to add new content on a weekly basis I have to make a concerted effort to read regularly every night. Not a complaint there more of an observation.

500K Trek

As of today – 351 kilometres down 149 to go. All things remaining equal I should finish hit my target around the end of November. I’m quite chuffed really. I really feel like I am in the home straight now.

Edwin Morgan

I went a bit misty eyed for Glasgow when I heard of Edwin Morgan’s passing. I remember reading ‘In the Snackbar’ as part of my English standard grade. We used think it was hysterical to call the poem ‘Innes Nackbar’. Teenagers really are arsehats aren’t they. It also got me thinking about all the other great things I read at school. Sunset Song by Lewis Grassic Gibbon was a pretty epic read as I recall. Dulce et Decorum est by Wilfrid Owen is still firmly lodged in my brain as well. Ironically I studied Latin for two years and the Latin in this poem is one of the few things I remember. When I left school I had the lowest ever recorded score for a Latin exam – 2% in case your wondering. In hindsight I should have tried harder. Defining the word tandem as a bike for two people in the vocabulary test probably wasn’t a crash hot idea.

Till next time, Valete

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