Normal service will now be resumed…

I’ve been on holiday for the last seven days and decided it would be a good idea to take a short break from the internet. I have glanced occasionally at Twitter and checked my e-mail but apart from that I have enjoyed a much needed internet free week.

In our extensive free time Mrs Cheesecake and I  have managed to refurbish our living room. I have reclaimed my DVD and book collections from the boxes in which they have dwelt for years. The living room is now ours. We have managed to stamp our own mark on it. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste but it works for us.

Needless to say the cats offered their own unique brand of assistance.

Bookshelf Cats

Mrs Cheesecake also managed to find something that she thought she had lost years ago.

Balls in a box

I also had the opportunity to see Inception last Saturday. What a fantastic movie. If someone had told me that it was possible to pull off a heist movie set in a character’s mind I would have been sceptical by Christopher Nolan has done just that. The cast were superb. I particularly liked Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I read the latest Batman 3 rumours with interest.

San Diego Comic Con is on at the moment. Man I wish I was there. I am such a geek it would be like achieving some sort of Nerd-vana if I got to attend. Maybe another time (in fairness though you would have to drug me to get me on a plane for a flight that long. I can hardly manage East Midlands to Glasgow so Trans Atlantic would probably cause me to wet myself repeatedly).

Really pleased with the initial responses regarding the launch of The Eloquent Page. It’s early days and I know I have to be more regular with new content but I’m still learning. I’m still quite new to this whole running a website malarkey so be patient. I promise I will get better.

Anywho back to reading. Need to get another review up on the site.

Later Peoples

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