Random Mutterings…

Ok I know I have been extremley lazy AGAIN regarding the upkeep of my blog. I promised myself that I would try to post on a regular basis but almost immediatley that I made this particular resolution real life got in the way and I haven’t even thought of posting for months. This evening however I find myself at a bit of a loose end so I reckon it is the perfect time to let my fingers do the talking. At least for a bit anyway đŸ™‚

So how is 2009 treating you? In my case so far so good.

The items that were stolen when we were robbed last year are almost all replaced. Not that you would know that but I thought you night be curious.

We have actually started working on decorating the living room which made me feel good to be finally doing some work on the house.

I managed to wangle a Sony eReader for Xmas. What a magnificent little bit of kit it is. There are loads of wesites out there you can buy ebooks from and the reader comes with 100 classics you can load up straight away. The way things are going I won’t be buying many traditonal paper books anymore. If I had one gripe I would say that the internal memory is only 200MB which ain’t great. In saying that however there are slots for expansion cards.

Work continues to go well. I was suprised recently when I realised that I have been at my new job for a year already. Time truly does fly. It is good to do something you actually like.

I’ve seen a few films already this year – The Wrestler , Underworld:Rise of the Lycans . Both were pretty good. I have loads of new movies to look forward to later on this year. A few that spring to mind are Watchmen, Wolverine: Origins, Star Trek, Terminator: Salvation, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and 9

There are some interesting new books to look forward to this year as well. Mark Chadbourn’s latest Destroyer of Worlds is due out…huzzah. Also we have the latest from Scott Lynch, Jim Butcher and Peter F Hamilton.

I’m tired now so I think I’ll call it a day.

Till the next time


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