Pablo Cheesecake and Adventures in Gentleman’s Hosiery

Once again it’s been ages since I wrote a personal blog. I’ve been busy with work and the whole book reviewing thing. To be honest I’ve not really had that much else to talk about so the personal blog has taken a bit of a hiatus. As is so often the case however almost immediately that I’m not thinking  about writing a bit of personal flimflammery an idea goes and pops right on into my head. I then feel oddly compelled to try and dig the sucker out and make some sort of sense of it all.

Anyway, down to business…

I’ve mentioned in the past that I get obsessed about things. Music, film, reading, exercising. All have  filled my head with idle thoughts at one time or another. My latest obsession?…socks. (Yes, I know, I was surprised as well.)

Historically my choice of sock has erred on the side of restraint. A simple black sock has served me well for many a long year. Recently however I have become bored with this most pedestrian of choices. So with the usual gusto I exhibit in all my other various obsessions I have begun to experiment.

Colour, characters and nonsense are to be the new order of the day. Time to have a bit of fucking fun with my feet. (Not, I should stress, in a weird foot fetishist way. Pablo don’t roll that way.)

I’ve started small but I can see this already bares the hallmarks  of what could well become “a thing”.

Pack One – The Justice League….of Socks!

The Justice League...of Socks

The JLA in sock form

I think The Flash maybe my favourite pair from the Justice League. I’ve noticed Superman looks a bit weird close up, it’s probably a Kryptonian thing. My only slight disappointment was that there are no Wonder Woman or Martian Manhunter socks included.

Pack Two – SpongeBob

SpongeBob wearing a various different fake mustaches. (I would genuinely like to shake the person who came up with this bizarreness by the hand. SpongeBob I can understand but the fake mustaches? Bonkers.)

SpongeBob SquareSocks

SpongeBob SquareSocks

The mustache Bob is sporting on the purple pair is particularly luxuriant and have become and immediate favourite.

In some non sock related news it does still appear that mentally I am around six years of age. My other purchase today perfectly illustrates this particular fact.

SpongeBob Square Sponge

SpongeBob Square Sponge

In my defence – I just couldn’t help it. I mean c’mon it’s a sponge shaped like Sponge Bob. Being a bit of a pop culture sponge myself I loves it.

I’ve been thinking about it and I’m not sure if this blog post has anything even close to resembling a point? Perhaps it just highlights the fact that I am a simple soul and it is the simplest things in life that fill me with the most pleasure. Hmmm, yes that sounds about right.

Later People of the spangly Intertubes, I’m off to have pie.

SpongePablo CheesecakePants

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