Put A Fork In Me I’m Done!

I’m quietly proud of myself. It’s an odd sensation. Certainly not the sort of thing that happens very often, not to me at least. Why am I feeling this way? Well, remember I decided to do that whole running 500 kilometres in twelve months thing? Guess what? I’ve only gone and done it with a month to spare. Yup, as of 5pm this evening I completed the last five kilometres. None to shabby considering that prior to last January I had never done any running ever (and when I say ever I mean EVAH!).

What prompted this lunacy?

I give you exhibit A

The Horror. Run away, flee!!!

I detest myself in this photo. I look like a gurning, chubby King Edward potato. I just loath how I look. On a more positive note it was one of the things that finally forced me to get off my arse and start this whole healthy lifestyle malarkey in the first place.

Random facts about my run

  • 500 kilometres is just over 310 miles. Lets put that in perspective – distance between Nottingham and London is 128 miles. Nottingham to Greenock, where I was born, is 303 miles. (You get the idea. It’s quite far).
  • This mighty endeavor was all achieved indoors. Mostly because I would be a danger to other road users if had attempted it outside. I do have a tendency to be quite clumsy.
  • First time I attempted 5k it took me 44 minutes (in my defence remember I did say there had been no running prior to this point). I did manage to improve a bit as well. Fastest time was just over 28 minutes.

What does the completion of this challenge mean to me then?

  • I’ve lost four inches off my waist. I’ve gone from 38inch to 34 inch waist. From XXL to L if you prefer 🙂
  • I’ve dropped 4 and ½ stone in weight. Or 28 kilograms. Fucking Hell that’s SIXTY THREE pounds people!
  • I feel a bit more confident in myself. I suppose if I can do this then I can probably do anything. Scary but true! (I should stress I am going to be sensible about this new found confidence. Not going to leap off a bridge and try to fly. Contrary to popular belief I’m not that fucking daft).
  • I kinda like going to the gym now. I guess it has become a bit of a habit.

What next?

I plan on shifting the final ½ stone and then the real test begins. Maintaining my new ‘healthier’ lifestyle. I can’t let things slip. I’m going to take a short break to enjoy Xmas but in the New Year I’ll be back at the gym burning the calories again. See, I’ve been thinking and I have this grand plan,  something about cycling 1000 kilometers in 2013 🙂

Well at least there is less of me now. Sorry can’t do anything about the face.

till next time my internet brothers and sisters

be excellent to each other…..and party on!

Pablo ‘The Running Man’ Cheesecake

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  1. That’s an awesome achievement mate. The change is remarkable and I admire your tenacity. This is very inspiring reading and has given me the motivation to get my lardy arse into gear. Good luck with 2013’s challenge.

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