The Name’s Cheesecake, Double O Cheesecake

Saw the latest Bond film yesterday afternoon (The Man With the Golden Thunderballs Never Dies Tomorrow Enough?) . Have to admit I was suitably impressed with it all. Craig’s Bond really wears his flaws on his sleeve. Dame Judy Dench squaring off against the demented and slightly camp Javier Bardem was very well handled. Even hipster Q (Yes, I know he’s called Ben Whishaw but I prefer Hipster Q), Albert Finney and Moneypenny worked.

I’ve read elsewhere that this Bond feels to many like a reboot of the franchise and I have to say that I tend to agree. It was Bond in its rawest form. There was a distinct lack of gadgets and the seemingly obligatory Bond girls were also kept to a minimum. There was also some insight into Bond’s history which has always been sadly lacking in previous films. Felt like we actually got under his skin a bit for once.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Istanbul appeared to be the ‘go to’ location for rooftop chases. The Bond producers appear to agree. That’s nice.

One thing that irked me a little was all the damn product placement. Cars, booze, computers and countless others that I probably didn’t spot but have no doubt already worked their way into my already ravaged psyche. Too much. I can appreciate that Bond is a brand in itself but it all felt a bit in your face.

I also wasn’t so hot on the title song. Don’t get me wrong. Adele has a cracking voice but I’m just not sure the tune was Bond enough? Time will tell I suppose. In fairness I loathed the theme to The Man With The Golden Gun first time a heard it but I rather like that now. I’m nothing if not fickle.

Overall Sam Mendes has brought Bond slap bang up to date and it works bloody well. Like the end credits said BOND WILL RETURN.

I look like this in my pants as well you know #fact

Saw the trailer for Django Unchained and The Hobbit part 1. Both look very interesting. Django has got a kinda 70’s gangster vibe going on (I suppose you wouldn’t necessarily expect that from a western. Tarantino mashing it up as ever). The Hobbit looks lovely on the big screen. I’ve heard people muttering about it but I seem to recall they all did exactly the same prior to LOTR. I, if I’m being brutally honest, can’t fucking wait


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