Pablo Cheesecake vs That, There London (2012 Edition)

Yesterday Mrs Cheesecake and I had a cheeky little day trip to that there London. Considering we were only there for a few hours I think we managed to fit in quite a lot of stuff.

Borough Market

One of our main reasons for visiting London was to do some shopping at this market. We’ve been there before and I love the fact that there are just so many great things to try and buy. The list of foods we got to try was as follows (those of a sensitive disposition may wish to look away now)

  • A spicy chorizo sausage (on a stick no less, disappointingly it was not sold to me by Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler but we can’t have everything can we?)
  • A duck confit sandwich
  • some artisan black pudding
  • a giant pretzel
  • a giant raspberry meringue
  • wild boar salami
  • garlic salami
  • almond croissant
  • English muffins
  • Wild boar pie

Old Thameside Inn

As chance would have it our internet chum Erik happens to live quite close to Borough Market so we gave him a call and he promptly appeared and took us to a local pub. Sat right next to the Golden Hinde swigging chilled lager is a pretty good way to spend a lunchtime.

Blackwell’s Young Adult Fiction Day

Back onto the tube again and off to our final stop of the day –  the young adult event at Blackwell’s Charing Cross. Arrived slightly late due to my spectacular map reading skills. Also had to leave early in order to catch our train home. That said still did manage to hear readings from Will Hill, Tom Pollock, Tanya Byrne and James Dawson. Shame we didnt manage to catch Kim Curran and Laure Eve but, as I said, this was entirely my fault.

I did spot this when I was in the shop. It will be mine!

Just think of all the unnecessary crap I could carry

Home again, Home again Jiggidy Jig

And then like the ninjas that we are we were off home again.

Till next time


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