And It’s Hello From Me

Damn you real life. Damn your black heart for getting in the way. *shakes angry fist at the sky* It has been ages since I have last written anything here. I’ve been busy. What with holidays, work, book reviews and everything else it life get quite cluttered.  I’ve had a flurry of new followers on the Twitters and Facebook so I thought I might do a little introductory post/ Q&A thingee.

Who the Hell are you? Around most of Interweb I go by the name Pablo Cheesecake. You may be stunned to discover that this isn’t my real name (I know I was). You can call me Paul if you like. I live in a  little house with my significant other, the redoubtable MadNad as well as two cats (Odin & Freya) and a tarantula called Athena. When I’m not here or at work I run a book review website called The Eloquent Page. Gives me the chance to read a lot which can only be a good thing no?

What can you expect from A Mid-Life Crisis? Well, to put it in a nutshell, basically this is my on-going experiment trying to upload my consciousness on the internet. I like the idea of opening my brain giving it a shake and seeing what falls out. To give you a rough idea of the sort of thing you’ll witness. In the past I’ve blogged about my quest for the perfect fish finger sandwich, my obsession with crappy movies and in one memorable instance I ranted while drunk about Tesco’s plastic bags.

How often will I post? Your guess is as good as mine chief. This is the nature of random. Could be tomorrow cold be next week. I have no idea.

Will there be swearing? Fuck yeah. Probably lots if I’m honest. If it is in my head then it will eventually find its way onto the blog.

So I think that covers just about everything for now. Are we all strapped in and ready for lift off? Good show, lets see where we end up shall we.

Till next time
Please remember to tip your waiters and waitresses

Pablo Cheesecake

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