Sod the Royal Wedding…it’s the Friday Film Fest

Today in the UK was the Royal Weeding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. I wish them all the best in the world but had fuck, and indeed, all interest in watching the televised nuptials. Mrs Cheesecake was of a similar mind so we decided that we could escape all the wedding-i-ness in the local cinema. Two films in one day? Hell yeah!


Have you heard? Dear, dear Kenny Branagh has directed a Marvel superhero movie. Good news peoples – it is a lot of fun. Chris Hemsworth plays the titular Norse thunder-worrier with just the right amount of arrogance and swagger. He struts about hitting various bad guys with his mighty hammer, #notaeuphemism, and it looks like he is having a ball. I have to admit that when I saw him sans t-shirt he made me feel truly insignificant. He is utterly ripped while I am nowt but a humble wok smuggler!


Nice to see the return of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the cameo from Hawkeye. I am sure that The Avengers will rock. Asgard looked suitably shiny for my liking. Mrs Cheesecake was looking for something a bit more ancient Norse. Would have been nice to have a bit more screen time for, Cheesecake Family Favourite™ , Ray Stevenson but alas it was not to be. Perhaps another time? We think he fucking rocks.

Tom Hiddleston makes for a splendid Loki and I suspect we will see more of him in the future. If we can’t have Blessed then I guess Hopkins will do as a suitable replacement as Odin. He could have been a bit shoutier though.

Overall a solid addition to the Marvel Studio line I think

fast five

After a suitably gut busting lunch. Don’t act so surprised. I told you I was a wok smuggler already! We settled down to another guilty pleasure of ours. The latest in the Fast & Furious franchise, Fast Five.

The action was adrenalin fuelled. The car chases spectacularly stupid and the combination of The Rock and Vin Diesel on screen made Mrs Cheesecake come over all unnecessary. I swear at one point there was some much testosterone on screen I heard her ovaries pop.


All in all it was a lot of fun. Rio is an amazing looking place. To have such poverty next to such glamour. It’s all a bit of a headfuck really.

I’ve looked at all the reviews on IMDB and some loved it, some hated it. I thought it was daft as a bag of hammers so obviously worthy of my utter undying adoration. Nobody appears to mention the Star Wars sight gag though?

till next we meet

your royal correspondent

Sir Pablo Cheesecake

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