Hello Future it’s me Pablo

Just realised that I had got to January 3rd and I hadn’t posted anything….

Welcome to 2011. Hope everyone has had a good festive season. Unfortunately my erstwhile partner-in-crime, Mrs Cheesecake to you, has been ill for the whole holiday. At the point where she started coughing up blood I forced her toward the local doctors and she is slowly getting better. It’s taking time but I’m sure she will be back to her oldself soon.

I did my first 100 situps today. Only 19900 to go…..hurrah! (This is going to fucking kill me. I must be mental. Send help!). Seriously though. I think this may be a tougher challenge than I first assumed. Oh well  one day at a time and all that.

In other news I got about £100 of Amazon vouchers for Christmas and had everything delivered to work so when I get into the office tomorrow there should be many boxes awaiting me.

I’m about to settle down to watch Stargazing Live on BBC2. The thought has just occurred to me I could just go outside and if I’m lucky I’d get essentially the same result. Admittedly there is less chance Mrs Cheesecake would join me in the endeavour.

Cripes 3rd Jan and I’m rambling already. No change there then.

Pablo Away

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