PabloCheesecake vs the Bookshop of Woe

Strap yourself in. Things could get bumpy.

Unfortunately since just after Christmas Day Mrs Cheesecake has been feeling under the weather. Today in order to give her some peace and quiet I decided I would pootle of to town and spend some book vouchers I still had lying around.

I arrived at my local book emporium, not naming any names but it rhymes with Otterstones, to discover the Sci Fi and Fantasy section was closed. Arrrrggghhhh not the chuffing Dark Fantasy/Dark Romance ohh no. Nor the Erotica section which seemed to be doing a brisk trade. Nope my old fav was in accessible do to some sort of flooding?

Now I should stress this isn’t a moan about the staff. They are all very friendly and very helpful. My problem is that there were shelves and shelves given over to things like soft porn but they couldn’t have just moved that out the back for a bit? Seriously is Erotica selling better than Sci FI and Fantasy? (No not that kind of Fantasy you dirty sod) I just wanted to browse a little but I was denied. I ended up in the diminutive horror section. For reference this is stuck between Dark Fantasy and Erotica so I was getting the full on dirty mac stare from other patrons (which was nice obviously).

Later I stood and watched a while as various other geeks wandered up to the closed section looked around in a slightly lost/distracted fashion and then shuffled off in a irritated manner.

Damn but genre peoples are given short shrift aren’t we?

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