Pablo Cheesecake Kicks Ass

My final movie blog of the Easter weekend is Kick Ass. Someone on the interweb said that the Daily Mail would shit kittens over this one and I can see why. The film contains da da da “Adult Content”. You heard correctly folks there is violence,swearing, self abuse and self tan. They even use the c-word. I spotted it, more than once in fact, I am shocked to report that the word comics is mentioned.

All joking aside I wasn’t sure what to expect from this. I have enjoyed all of Matthew Vaughn’s previous films but comic books are very close to my heart and I was a little worried. It is fair to say that I feel this way about every comic book adaption that makes it’s way to the big screen and will continue to do so. (I’m looking at you Green Lantern, Thor, Iron Man 2 etc).

My worries appear to have been groundless. The film worked pretty well and the changes to the story made the characters seem a bit more fun. Those who have read the comic know that the hero doesn’t get the girl. He does in the movie version. Oh shit spoiler alert! Damn sorry.  Oh come on your only going to see the film if you know the book anyway aren’t you?

The cast were all good. I think Mark Strong and Chloe Moretz were exceptional.

Yes the film is violent. Yes the subject matter is undeniably silly but fuck it it’s only a movie.

Now where’s my lycra leotard? (if you knew me you would realise just how horrific a mental picture this actually is)

Captain Cheesecake

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