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Yesterday Mrs Cheesecake and I had the pleasure of taking our 5 year old nephew, Nico (Unarmed and Dangerous), on his first trip to the cinema. We went to see How to Train Your Dragon in 3D. I told him that I would let him post a review on the internet of what he thought. See below for N(U&D)s insightful review. Not only that but his opinions of cinema in general.

His first reaction to the cinema was that he very much liked the giant television. When I asked him about the story of the film I got following response

“I did like the black dragon he was my favourite”. As I said insightful.

Turns out that 5 year-olds don’t really think much of the 3D experience either. He lasted about twenty minutes before the glasses came off.

I also don’t think he was that bothered that the vast majority of ancient Vikings sounded suspiciously Scottish. Though he did claim later on that when he blows up the world we will all have to move to Scotland? and learn to speak Scottish.


Toothless Cheesecake

PS I enjoyed the film but have no plans to blow up the world. The animation was great and I liked the characterisation of the Vikings and the dragons. Also I would quite like a beard like the head Viking had (To my knowledge the dragons had no facial hair)

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  1. Think it’s safe to say that despite the closeness to Iceland, it’s canon that Hiccup’s tribe have Scots accents, ever since David Tennant did the audio books…

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