Watched the movie… the T-Shirt

Among my many and varied hobbies, all three of them, I collect t-shirts. I’ll be honest the more obscure the cultural or movie reference the more likely I am to buy. Over the years I have started to amass a reasonable collection

Now those of you that frequent my little sinkhole of cyberspace already know that I also like the silver screen *Understatement Alert*. Most of my t-shirt wardrobe does point to this fact . Check out some of the fine cotton I have below.

My current LastExit collection

This first batch are all provided by the good peoples at Last Exit to Nowhere. They do fantastic work based on fictional companies that appear in film. As you can see I haven’t quite managed my first dozen yet but I am working on it slowly but surely. I will eventually own most of their catalogue I’m sure. Their t-shirts are all good quality, last well and are reasonably priced.

I don’t just do movie t-shirts though. I like to soothe the inner (and indeed outer) geek. Jinx do some splendid gaming and nerd wear for the discerning connoisseur. Behold!

The answer but whats the question
Only a t-shirt inspired by one of the greatest books of all time.

Another one of my obsessions is pirates. Don’t even ask cause I can’t tell you why.  Pirate Mod have a huge collection of shirts all of them sublime.

Yarr tis a pirate t-shirt
There are a few shirts out there that I am still keen to get my grubby little mitts on. This zombie related shirt is a work of pure genius. Nothing better than a bit of swearing to upset the neighbours.

Not going to tell you where that one is from. I wants to keep it all to myself.

To finish my little ramble about all things t-shirt related. I recently saw the trailer for Tron Legacy. I had a joygasm and this forced me to purchase this gem.

It's a fucking Tron t-shirt!

Till next time
Mr C

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