Pablo Cheesecake – A Virtual Life ?

I spend all day in front of a computer. I’m a Sys Admin and help people with PC/software problems all the time. When I get home of an evening I trudge upstairs into the spare room and immediately boot up my laptop and start my personal virtual life. I shop online, play online, talk to my friends online and occasionally manage the odd blog or two. The good news is that this doesn’t effect my offline relationships too badly. Mrs Cheesecake has her own PC right next to mine so we do actually spend quite a lot of time in the same room as one another. From time to time we even speak 🙂

I have experienced an virtual incident today that is odd to say the least. Yesterday I bought Mrs Cheesecake Sims 3 (purchased online obviously) and decided to have a go myself. I thought it would be fun. I ended up being freaked out by the whole thing.

After the initial set up and completing the basic tutorial I found myself watching a digital facsimile (of myself) sitting playing computer games. This is just downright odd I thought. I have paid money to watch a computer version of me doing what I am already doing.

Is the universe trying to give me a none to subtle hint that I spend way to much time in front of a computer? Maybe I have become just a bit to dependent on technology? Or could it be that I need to not play the Sims?

Odd indeed. Anyway the latest patch for World of Warcraft has finished downloading now so I’m off. What do you mean “You’ve missed the point of your own blog!”


Mr P

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