On the Road – Day 3 & 4

As I mentioned in my last post we had decided that we would check St Ives on the 3rd day in Cornwall. We arrived earlier and wondered about looking in all the shops. There were a number of pasty shops so around lunchtime I sampled the delights of cheese and bacon in a pasty format. I reckon that by the end of the week my waistline will have reached some kind of critical mass.

After pasty nirvana we headed to the beach. I have to say that the beach at St Ives is pretty spectacular. The sand is very fine. The water a lovely blue. So much so that I ended going swimming and burning my feet really badly laying about in the sand.

Day four started with trip on a speedboat which was exceptionally cool.

We were hoping to see some local wildlife but all was quiet. The journey was great though.
After the excitement we moved on to Pendennis Castle. This fantastic location offered fantastic views of Falmouth and the rest of the coast.

Tomorrow Penzance !

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