Who watches the Cheesecake

So this afternoon I finally got the opportunity to see Zach Snyder’s take on Watchmen. Did I enjoy it? For the most part yes. The action was top notch the acting was good with a couple of standouts.


Don’t get me wrong there were a few things I had a bit of difficulty with. I wasn’t the only one in the screening who had a chortle during the sex scene . Mrs Cheesecake also asked me to point out that she was disturbed by the the regularity of Dr Manhattan’s mighty blue wang looming into view but apart from these two things the movie was tops.

I thought the performance from Jackie Earle Haley was bang on. The whole section where he was in prison was a real highlight. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Carla Gugino were also pitched just right.

I’ve read a lot in the run up to the Watchmen hitting our screens and I’ve also checked out a view review since it’s release. All these peoples are entitled to their own opinion. You want mine? Go see it for yourself. Make up your own mind. I liked it. You might not. We will never know until you take the plunge will we? I’ve watched the Watchmen. Have you?

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