Pablo Cheesecake:Warzone

So this afternoon I went to the movies and saw Punisher:Warzone. None too shabby. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t expecting Citizen Kane and that’s not what I got. Instead I got some nice stylized hyper-violence and the ocassional flash of blacker than black humor.

In previous versions that have been brought to the screen the character of the Punisher has been a bit less than intimidating. The Punisher is meant to be intractable, monosyllabic and withdrawn. There should be glimmers of humanity but only very small hints that this man once had a life. In my opinion Dolph Lundgren and Thomas Jane were just a bit lacking. Ray Stevenson however is pretty damn near perfect. Mrs Cheesecake made a good point that Ray looks better as the Punisher than as pre-trauma Frank Castle. I’ve been a fan of Mr Stevenson’s work since the tv series Rome and it is nice to see him moving into movies.

The other actors in the film all looked as though they were having fun hamming it up outrageously.

Dominic West – Who’d a thunk it from Oliver Cromwell to Jigsaw in one easy jump.

Doug Hutchinson looks like he was having a blast as ‘Loony Bin Jim’.

It was nice to see that for a change the mighty Colin Salmon survived till end of the flick. Looking forward to Doomsday Colin!

The SFX were good. Lots of gore (Special mention has to be made to the inventive coming together of a free-runner and a rocket launcher).

In conlusion I would be happy to pay may hard earned to go see another movie with this particular Punisher in it. My brain didn’t have to work to strenously and when I left the theatre I felt the warm fuzzy glow of being entertained.

Good Work Fella!

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