A Treasure Trove

This afternoon Mrs Cheesecake and I were tidying out  a room and I happened across an old box full of random comics. In amongst all of the regular Marvel and DC fare there were a number of independent titles that I had forgot I owned.  Check these out

Fat Ninja Adolescent Radioactive

What can I say –  I went through a phase when I was a younger that the weirder something was the more I was interested in it. The results I believe speak for themselves. There are others as well but things just get weirder and weirder so perhaps I’ll leave those for another time.

Captain America Fuck Yeah!

It would appear that there is a distinctly comic book related theme to this post. Tomorrow Mrs C and I are going to go and check out the latest Marvel movie offering. The trailer looked pretty cool. Chris Evans appears to be a good choice for the Cap. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be jonesin for The Avengers at movie’s end. Lets see shall we.

I am The Law*

Last week I received Marshal Law: Fear and Loathing , as a late birthday gift. If you haven’t read this you should. This is a classic. Seek it out immediately. I demand you do this NOW!

Marshall Law

Seriously though this fucking rocks. It is well worth your time.

Never mind Dredd this is the future policeman you should be worried about. Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill really do know their stuff.

To infinity and beyond!
Captain Cheesecake

Birthday Swag

Today is my birthday and I got lots of nice gifts. Here is what I got. (All of which I am totally chuffed with!)
To start with a few books

Then a rather classic graphic novel.

Some nice quirky music

  • Gravelands by The King (an Elvis Presley impersonator who does Elvis covers of only dead musicians. Weird I know but it’s very cool. If you are familiar with Dread Zepplin then you will get the idea.)

Finally a laptop sleeve from the good people at Burgerplex
Laptop Sleeve
Bit mad eh?
Anywho time for cake
Later People
Mr P Cheesecake
37yrs Old

A New Post About Things and Stuff

Pablo Cheesecake vs Himself

It was inevitable really. After years of moaning about everything else it was only a matter of time before I turned my attention to the worst offender of them all. The King of the Hill, El Numero Uno, The Big Kahuna, the Grand Fromage………me.
What could possibly cause all this full on self-loathing? Hmm…how best to put it….Since I turned thirty my body has been failing me on, what seems like, a regular basis.
The most recent trauma is a recurrence of my thyroid issues. Now for those blissfully ignorant of this particular gland the thyroid helps to regulate energy levels in your body. Mine, putting it as succinctly as possible, is fucked. I have been using medication for a few years now to help manage the problem. A while back my doctor suggested a reduction in my meds. Initially everything seemed fine and, as is the way with these things, I promptly forgot all about it.
Cut to last week. In the space of one day I feel asleep at my desk at work, then on the bus on the way home and for a third time at around 8pm. As soon as I sit down and I am not focusing on anything I start to drift off and then fall asleep.
The worst part, without doubt, is that this is causing problems with my reading. I am sure most of you are aware that I run The Eloquent Page. I like to keep it ticking over and try to post a couple of reviews a week. For me a couple of books of week is an easily achievable goal. Unfortunately my thyroid is causing me no end of grief. No matter how much I am glued to the latest novel I am reading if I get too comfortable and relax and then I start to fall asleep. It is making things difficult to keep to a regular posting schedule.  I am going to try to keep going and hopefully the boffins can sort me out. I just feel terribly disappointed. Literally at the point where things are starting to pick up with the site and I am failing myself.
Sorry. I apologise. Please excuse the self-pity. I just needed to vent a bit. its just so fucking annoying. I feel fine but can’t stay awake. There are many people in the world that are way worse off than I am so I don’t really have any right to complain.

The Linear Nature of Time

Days and months zip by and on a much more upbeat note, it is my birthday this weekend. Has it really been a whole year? I’m looking forward to spending a nice day with Mrs Cheesecake. She has promised a slap up lunch, always a bonus, and I know she has a couple of surprise gifts hidden somewhere. When it comes to birthdays and Christmas I am still a big kid. I love opening gifts and enjoy the festiveness of it all. If I think about it I dont really care what age I am. Every year seems to bring new challenges but also new joys. I’m just aiming to be happy in my own skin. Not the loftiest of goals but a good one I think.

Of Hobbits and Caped Crusaders

The latest production diary for The Hobbit surfaced this morning. Once again I find myself swept up in all the excitement. Peter Jackson is entirely the right man for the job, as he has proved already with Bad Taste and Braindead. (If you haven’t seen either then seek them out immediately dammit! ) I think he did direct some other stuff but I am not sure what they are about.
Meanwhile Batman Live has finally started it’s tour. Mrs Cheesecake and I have tickets for when it arrives  in Nottingham. If it is as good as Doctor Who Live was we should be in for a real treat. Nothing better than a public entertainment is there? I have high hopes. I’m also looking forward to the forthcoming DC reboot. I just need to decided what titles to spend my hard earned on.

The Woes of a Gadget Whore

I was complaining a while back that I had owned my shiny new iPhone 4 for a while and was yet to receive a phone call on it. Now don’t panic I’m not looking for your pity. I don’t get a great deal of phone calls full stop but that’s cool I contact my peoples via the social media and what not. I just wanted to relate the tale of what happened when I finally did get my first call.
Mrs Cheesecake rang to let me know she would be late. The phone started to vibrate (like the conscientious sod I am I tend to put it on silent. Which in itself is a shame as I have cracking ring-tone but I digress *see below*) Any way, I answered the phone with a flourishing swipe of my finger on the touchscreen.
“Hello” says I
….Not a peep in response
“Hello” again nothing.
Finally after about 30 seconds I remember that my headphones are plugged in to the phone but I am wearing them round my neck not on my ears. Turns out that once again, though I love my technology, I am the very definition of ‘a tool’.
Here, for anyone that has gotten this far, is my current ring-tone*
Till my next rant.
The Caped Cheesecake

Absence Makes The Cheesecake Stronger

Normal Service will now be resumed…. again…..probably….

I haven’t posted anything new for ages. I noticed earlier in the week that I had only written one post for the whole of June. I not sure what is going on.  Maybe my sub-conscious has actively taken a dislike to my blog? I’m not sure why. Perhaps I have just not felt the need to divulge any of my goings on? Weird non? I’m pretty sure that I did stuff during the month of June, Alt.Fiction springs to mind,  but I just didn’t feel the need to write about it here.

(For those new to my Mid-Life Crisis. This blog is my stream of consciousness where I will talk about everything, well everything except books 🙂  You can go to The Eloquent Page for that. Here you will find everything from drunken rants about Tesco carrier bags to the hunt for the perfect fish finger sandwich and not forgetting my epic quest for the world’s greatest condiment. Essentially it is a big old rambling cathartic mess. Anyway back to the action. Sorry about the interruption. You should probably note I can’t promise that it won’t happen again.)

Pablo Cheesecake – How does your garden grow?

That’s a bloody good question. The vegetable garden continues to provided mixed results. Admittedly the wildly erratic British weather has a lot to do with it. I have discovered that I like to potter around in the garden. Turns out that growing stuff is a rather marvelous thing. I’ve gotten into the habit of checking every day just to see what has changed. Recently, for example, the potatoes have taken over while the sweetcorn shows a certain degree of tenacity. The good news is that I can confirm there is garlic! In fairness the vast majority of the credit lies squarely on the shoulders of Mrs Cheesecake. She is the green fingered one. I just like to enjoy the various comings and goings as the seasons change.

Hugh Grant and Phone Hacking

I watched Question Time last on Thursday, that in itself is a bit of a rarity, and was as impressed by Hugh Grant as I was distressed by the politicians that where on the panel with him. Its not often that I get drawn into politics but the current situation that is occurring the in UK makes my blood boil. First that it took place at all and secondly that all the botched cover ups and so called investigations that have happened afterwards. That and the fact the the ring leaders appear to be getting away with it Scot free is a damned outrage. They are a shower of teflon coated oily fuckers, all of them.

Another Year Older

I’ll be thirty seven years old in a couple of weeks. Have I matured any in the last twelve months? Thinking about it the quick answer is probably not. I continue to wander through life in a slightly befuddled and bemused fashion. Perhaps one day I will figure it all out. No doubt to be hit by a bus shortly thereafter. On a positive note at least I have passed the half way stage on my sit up challenge. 10600 situps done so far this year. 9400 left to got. No applause necessary. Tis but a trifle.

Blessed are the Cheese-Straw Makers

Today, while I wax lyrical on the interweb, Mrs Cheesecake has got her baking head on. So far she has made cheese straws, mini rosemary focaccia and a tomato, onion and thyme tart. We are of to a BBQ later and all these goodies are going with us. Fortunately I have had the opportunity to sample everything first. It’s all good.

and finally…..There and Back again

I just watched the second video blog from the filming of The Hobbit. Again there was a spike in my excitement levels for this project. Everything just looks so right. The days really can’t pass quick enough.

Till next time I remember that I have a blog

Stay Golden

Senor Pablo Cheesecake


A Week in the Life

This week I have been on holiday. I’ve been incredibly lazy but only because I’ve been in dire need for some down time. In my attempts to create a never ending stream of consciousness I have discovered some stuff that I never knew before. Without any further folderol I give you…..

Things I have learned this week

  • Bakewell pudding is not the same as Bakewell tart. Both however taste great.
  • X-Men First Class was
  • I am exceptionally good at giving directions that sound correct but are, in actual fact, shit.
  • Weather forecasting is a mugs game.
  • Lausanne is on my to-do list
  • So is Bruges
  • Great joy can be had from watching a garden grow (Sounds soft I know, but its true).
  • Ikea may be versed in the black arts. They make me desire objects I don’t need.
  • Hand cut chips can be a thing of rare beauty.
  • Managed to get to nearly 37 without ever seeing bees having sex and then stumbled upon it in the garden. That was truly un-expected.

Enough of this randomness
Laters Tatters

Saturday was brought to you by….

Pablo Cheesecake Vs Captain jack

I saw On Stranger Tides today. It was…..hmmm……alright. It didn’t set my world alight but it was also by no means terrible. Mr Depp is consistently watchable but the film left me feeling a little underwhelmed. The set pieces were all enjoyable – the chase in London and the mermaid capture – but overall I was a bit meh about it all. I guess it suffers a bit from the law of diminishing returns. That said I do still want to be a pirate though.

The bookshop Beckons

After the cinema we wandered down to our local Waterstones. I purchased Anno Dracula by Kim Newman, Horns by Joe Hill and some George R R Martin for Mrs Cheesecake. The store still has it’s ‘lovely’ Erotica section next to the Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I have to admit I was I little intrigued by this…

The mind boggles

I’ve checked and it has a five star review on Amazon you know. Also it has nothing to do with a sport called Ultimate Spanking – Just in case you thought it did.

Yet More Shops

After the visit to the bookshop/Spank-o-torium™ we had some lunch. Ostrich was on the menu and I have to say I was quite impressed. I admit I always expect something that resembles giant chicken and not lean beef. Any way lets just say it was tasty and leave it at that.

To round off our trip to town a swift visit to the sweetshop. Mrs Cheesecake had a hankering for a Sherbert Dib-Dab – who can blame her? I got a packet of Refreshers which I am going to go and munch right now.


Gardening is the new Rock and Roll….no really

Our attempts to live ‘The Good Life’ took another step forward this morning with use finally completing the third raised bed. The potatoes, carrots and onions are doing quite well. The strawberries and rhubarb have exploded. I am still most excited about the sweetcorn and pumpkins. They are inside at the moment, but hopefully in a couple of weeks they can go outside as well.

Our garden this morning….fuck yeah!

If the sweetcorn works I am totally going to make my own popcorn from scratch.

Bank Holiday Balderdash (now with added piffle)

expanding gastronomic horizons

I have uncovered a new taste sensation in the local supermarket. Ladies and gentlemen *drum roll* I give you the Port Royal Salt Fish Patty.


These rock! They are the best thing in the world ever. Hot and spicy, slightly smoked fish and chillies wrapped in pastry. They are Jamaican in origin and are epically moreish. Mrs Cheesecake is horrified by their smell and doesn’t like spicy foods so they are best described as a ‘solitary pursuit’. The humble Greggs sausage roll better watch its fucking back, that’s all I’m saying.

the bells, the bells

Yesterday afternoon while gardening I found a cat collar with a little bell on it. I figured it had come of one of nextdoor’s moggies so I popped it in my pocket with thoughts of returning it later. Needless to say within seconds I had gone back to what I was doing and forgotten entirely about the collar. Later, and for the rest of the day, I kept hearing a tinkling sound and every time I turned I expected to see a cat. By the end of the day I was beginning to question my sanity. You may not be surprised to discover that the collar is no longer in my pocket.

this is the end?

I have noticed a worrying trend of late. When I go to the cinema with Mrs Cheesecake I like to sit down with a medium diet coke and packet of Tooty Frooties.


Around 2hrs later, more often than not, I feel entertained and the diet coke has worked its magic so that my bladder is ready to explode. A swift exit is the thing most pressing on my mind. Why then must I sit an wait through ten minutes of credits just so I can get an extra two minutes of movie action? This happened during both films I saw on Saturday. Are you listening Hollywood! You shower of bastards! Stop with the extra scenes after the chuffing credits. Enough already. I demand that you cease and desist with all this foolishness. My bladder and I will be most grateful. This is not a cocking competition you know. Not every film has to have these little Easter Eggs for the intrepid few who manage to hold out.

With that in mind I have decided to add in extra content after the end of this post in order to keep people sat in front of their PCs for far longer than is necessary.

Till a time that is further in the future than now


Mr C


Ta da! Extra content. Woo it really was worth the wait wasn’t it? No I didn’t think so either. I should stress the eyebrows aren’t real. Unfortunately everything else is.

Thoughts For A Day

This evening nothing but ten random bits of news and thoughts that have occurred this very day –

  • The car passed its MOT
  • Cats as a rule are sneaky escape artists
  • A watched vegetable never grows
  • My sense of direction is excellent
  • I ate my first Portobello mushroom
  • Pirate related post is always a welcome surprise
  • Dandelions are tenacious fuckers
  • Being awake and outside at eight am on a Saturday is just plain wrong
  • Viewing a car accident appears to occur in slow-mo
  • If there can be but one Cornetto – make it strawberry

So there, in absolutely no order whatsoever, you have it. A number of things

Sod the Royal Wedding…it’s the Friday Film Fest

Today in the UK was the Royal Weeding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. I wish them all the best in the world but had fuck, and indeed, all interest in watching the televised nuptials. Mrs Cheesecake was of a similar mind so we decided that we could escape all the wedding-i-ness in the local cinema. Two films in one day? Hell yeah!


Have you heard? Dear, dear Kenny Branagh has directed a Marvel superhero movie. Good news peoples – it is a lot of fun. Chris Hemsworth plays the titular Norse thunder-worrier with just the right amount of arrogance and swagger. He struts about hitting various bad guys with his mighty hammer, #notaeuphemism, and it looks like he is having a ball. I have to admit that when I saw him sans t-shirt he made me feel truly insignificant. He is utterly ripped while I am nowt but a humble wok smuggler!


Nice to see the return of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the cameo from Hawkeye. I am sure that The Avengers will rock. Asgard looked suitably shiny for my liking. Mrs Cheesecake was looking for something a bit more ancient Norse. Would have been nice to have a bit more screen time for, Cheesecake Family Favourite™ , Ray Stevenson but alas it was not to be. Perhaps another time? We think he fucking rocks.

Tom Hiddleston makes for a splendid Loki and I suspect we will see more of him in the future. If we can’t have Blessed then I guess Hopkins will do as a suitable replacement as Odin. He could have been a bit shoutier though.

Overall a solid addition to the Marvel Studio line I think

fast five

After a suitably gut busting lunch. Don’t act so surprised. I told you I was a wok smuggler already! We settled down to another guilty pleasure of ours. The latest in the Fast & Furious franchise, Fast Five.

The action was adrenalin fuelled. The car chases spectacularly stupid and the combination of The Rock and Vin Diesel on screen made Mrs Cheesecake come over all unnecessary. I swear at one point there was some much testosterone on screen I heard her ovaries pop.


All in all it was a lot of fun. Rio is an amazing looking place. To have such poverty next to such glamour. It’s all a bit of a headfuck really.

I’ve looked at all the reviews on IMDB and some loved it, some hated it. I thought it was daft as a bag of hammers so obviously worthy of my utter undying adoration. Nobody appears to mention the Star Wars sight gag though?

till next we meet

your royal correspondent

Sir Pablo Cheesecake