You sir are the grand-daddy of all liars…

When I say you I actually mean me. I posted at the end of July and said that normal service would be resumed and then managed to post nothing to this blog since then. That was a bit shit wasn’t it.

What say we take another run at this….

Normal service has now been resumed (hopefully).

the eloquent page

The real reason I haven’t posted anything this month is that my book review site, pluggy plug plug, has been up and running for just over a month now. I’ve had some nice feed back.  I’ve even managed to snag a couple of advance review copies of some books. Its an interesting process and I find I have to be a bit more structured when it comes to my reading. If I want to add new content on a weekly basis I have to make a concerted effort to read regularly every night. Not a complaint there more of an observation.

500K Trek

As of today – 351 kilometres down 149 to go. All things remaining equal I should finish hit my target around the end of November. I’m quite chuffed really. I really feel like I am in the home straight now.

Edwin Morgan

I went a bit misty eyed for Glasgow when I heard of Edwin Morgan’s passing. I remember reading ‘In the Snackbar’ as part of my English standard grade. We used think it was hysterical to call the poem ‘Innes Nackbar’. Teenagers really are arsehats aren’t they. It also got me thinking about all the other great things I read at school. Sunset Song by Lewis Grassic Gibbon was a pretty epic read as I recall. Dulce et Decorum est by Wilfrid Owen is still firmly lodged in my brain as well. Ironically I studied Latin for two years and the Latin in this poem is one of the few things I remember. When I left school I had the lowest ever recorded score for a Latin exam – 2% in case your wondering. In hindsight I should have tried harder. Defining the word tandem as a bike for two people in the vocabulary test probably wasn’t a crash hot idea.

Till next time, Valete

Pablo Cheesecake


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Random bits and pieces from my head to the interweb…

Been a while since I wrote anything non book related. I am still reading daily but needed to flex my blogging muscles about something else for a bit of change of pace. I also get to waffle a bit more here than on the website.

Comic Con

Out of the new info that has been released at SDCC I am starting to get just a little bit excited about all the superhero films that are in development. I still have everything crossed that the Green Lantern will rock my socks. In my opinion if Whedon can get it right The Avengers will be a fanboy’s wet dream. Thor looks suitably shouty (still missing The Blessed but we cant have everything).

Mrs Cheesecake is wetting herself about Tron Legacy. I’ve seen the new footage and I have to agree.

British TV

Wasn’t Sherlock Holmes absolutely kick ass! The chemistry between Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman was just great. Some people have accused Mark Gatiss of being to hammy as Mycroft but personally I thought he managed to make him appear just the right side of eccentric.

It’s brilliant programming like this that proves how top-notch Aunty Beeb can be. I tell you what the current government better leave well enough alone.

While we’re on the subject of TV I have to admit another growing excitement. I follow George R. R. Martin’s blog and I have heard nothing but good things when it comes to the casting for A Game of Thrones. Sean Bean and now today Charles Dance. Epic stuff. I will read the books before the show starts I promise.

Fantasy Con 2010

Not long to go until Fantasy Con. Mrs Cheesecake and I are attending the full Con this year. Looking forward to it. Last year we just managed the Saturday but this year we have planned a bit better. If your attending please do say hello. Can’t miss me 6ft 2, bright red hair, goatee beard  and slightly maniacal look in my eye. As a disclaimer I am a lot less frightening once you get to know me. Mrs Cheesecake however is a nutter. It’s ok I told her I was going to write that.

A fat man cycles

At the beginning of the year I set myself a challenge. Cycle 500KM in 2010. This weekend I hit another milestone,the 300KM mark. Why the lunacy you may ask? Two reasons really. I’ve never been very good at finishing things. I thought if I set myself a grand epic task I could prove to myself I could accomplish something for once. Secondly ever since I broke my back I have not been able to exercise as much as I used to so. So far so good. I have a horrible feeling if I do manage this I’m going to have to increase the distance for next year. Oh dear.

Till next time

Mr C

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Normal service will now be resumed…

I’ve been on holiday for the last seven days and decided it would be a good idea to take a short break from the internet. I have glanced occasionally at Twitter and checked my e-mail but apart from that I have enjoyed a much needed internet free week.

In our extensive free time Mrs Cheesecake and I  have managed to refurbish our living room. I have reclaimed my DVD and book collections from the boxes in which they have dwelt for years. The living room is now ours. We have managed to stamp our own mark on it. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste but it works for us.

Needless to say the cats offered their own unique brand of assistance.

Bookshelf Cats

Mrs Cheesecake also managed to find something that she thought she had lost years ago.

Balls in a box

I also had the opportunity to see Inception last Saturday. What a fantastic movie. If someone had told me that it was possible to pull off a heist movie set in a character’s mind I would have been sceptical by Christopher Nolan has done just that. The cast were superb. I particularly liked Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I read the latest Batman 3 rumours with interest.

San Diego Comic Con is on at the moment. Man I wish I was there. I am such a geek it would be like achieving some sort of Nerd-vana if I got to attend. Maybe another time (in fairness though you would have to drug me to get me on a plane for a flight that long. I can hardly manage East Midlands to Glasgow so Trans Atlantic would probably cause me to wet myself repeatedly).

Really pleased with the initial responses regarding the launch of The Eloquent Page. It’s early days and I know I have to be more regular with new content but I’m still learning. I’m still quite new to this whole running a website malarkey so be patient. I promise I will get better.

Anywho back to reading. Need to get another review up on the site.

Later Peoples

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Mobile Bloggage

Trying out another mobile blog client. It’s an interesting experience. All of the functionality from a full web client appears to be here but it is quite compressed.

I guess it’s good for doing small blogs rather than writing epic essays. It appears I can auto-tweet/post to Facebook. Well it says I can. We’ll find out shortly.

I’ll have to take a look and see what it looks like once posted. Hmmm trippy interweb shennanigans.

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Wild Target

I consider Bill Nighy to be a masterful actor. Yesterday I sat down to view his latest film, Wild Target. Nighy plays Victor, a professional hitman whose life is turned upside down with the arrival of his latest victim a con-woman called Rose, played by Emily Blunt.

Trained in the art of murder since his 7th birthday Victor is a ghost. So good at his job that his peers are in awe of him even though they have no idea who he actually is. Privately he lives a lonely existence in a roomy house where the vast majority of the furniture is unused and covered with plastic sheets. He is so non-descript you would walk past him in the street without a second glance.


Enter Rose, a flighty con-woman who has duped Ferguson (Rupert Everett) into purchasing a fake Rembrandt. Keen for revenge Ferguson hires Victor to take Rose out. Victor follows Rose and as he tries, in vain,to murder her he is slowly charmed by her free spirit. In the spur of the moment he saves Rose, and stoner Tony (Rupert Grint), from a second hitman and ends up becoming their protector.

The rest of the film deals with the unlikely trio and their escape from Ferguson and his cronies. Victor comes to realise he is missing out and is just existing rather than living.

Wild Target is one of those comedy films that doesn’t make you laugh out loud very often but does ensure you are always smiling. It sort of reminded me of Saving Grace in that respect. As an aside if you haven’t seen Saving Grace seek it out it’s brilliant. I left the cinema feeling amused and up beat.

Bill Nighy is great at showing the inner conflict of this character. He lets Victor’s emotions dance across his face. Emily Blunt is quirky and Rupert Grint likeable. Rupert Everett is as sleazy as ever while Gregor Fisher and Martin Freeman get some nice screen time.

Check it out. You never know you might like. It’s ok I won’t tell.

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Testing, Testing, 123…is this thing on?

I have been messing about with a MacBook for the last week and I thought it might be a good idea if I tried a blog to see how to experience compares against blogging on my PC. I’ve downloaded a trial version of the bit of software called Blogo and thought I would give that a whirl.

I have to say I am suitably impressed. The user interface is very clean and simple to use. There is no great difficulty figuring out all the formatting options. I should stress that I am still finding may way a bit when it comes to using the MacBook but I am sure this was exactly the same back in the day when I first started using PCs.

Hmmm not a long blog but I like to think at least a little bit educational.

I am curious to see what this looks like when it’s posted.

Pablo MacCheesecake

From the brain of Pablo Cheesecake…

Just some random shit from my brain to the interweb


I am not exactly a what you would call a snappy dresser. I have my own fairly casual look that I’m comfortable with but on occasion in a fit of pique I go a bit bonkers.  (This probably explains the bright red hair, nipple ring and tattoos but the less said about that the better). My latest fashion purchase is fucking epic, not to everyone’s taste I’ll grant you but check these bad boys out.

Animal PJs...fucking sweet

Please note that this isn’t a photo of me modelling said jammies. I’m more of a keg that a six pack! Aren’t they fab though. Animal from the Muppets. How cool is that.

gadget show live

Mrs Cheesecake and I have got tickets to check this out at the NEC in a few weeks. Last year we missed out so I am real excited that I can attend. I love tech. I am going to be in my element. Mrs Cheesecake better nick my wallet or I am likely to go on a spending rampage. Actually I’ll probably have to hid her purse as well as she is as big a gadget freak is I am.

fantasycon 2010

Gonna get tickets to Fantasy Con 2010. This event is held in Nottingham, right on our doorstep, in September. Last year we only managed to attend one day but this year we are going for the whole thing. Again highly likely that the old wallet will take a pounding but you know what, fuck it.

kick ass & clash of the titans

I’m not sure which of these films I am most excited about. Both are now firmly on the horizon so Easter break will most definitely include more than one trip to the local multiplex. I also read recently that Tron is coming out on blu-ray. I may have to purchase that.

note to all readers

Please remember loyal Pablo Cheesecake fans that as ever there is an Easter egg in my blog. This *comprehensive* additional content is yours if only you can locate it!


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