Pablo Cheesecake v Man v Food

As with most things I have eclectic tastes when it comes to food. I will try just about anything once. As an example I was recently in Wales on holiday and got the opportunity to try ‘laver bread’ which is made from seaweed and looks a bit like black/green snot. It’s really unusual to taste (tastes a bit like the sea) and not as unpleasant as it sounds. My convoluted point being that I enjoy trying new things when it comes to my gastronomic adventures.

Ensuring that I am kept bang up to date with all the latest taste sensations I have been doing my due diligence. I recently discovered the TV show Man v Food from the Travel Channel in the US of States. Check this out.

Adam Richman, the host, is a legend. He’s even on Twitter as well (@adamrichman). He dares go where other’s fear to tread. I want his job. Travelling from city to city trying out all the food challenges that the US has to offer. If they ever do a UK version of this I am going to apply for the job. Cheesecake v Food – I like the sound of that!

Mrs Cheesecake has been flexing her gastronomic muscles as well. She is has been working through the recipes on the Pioneer Woman website. This is gradually making me a larger but more contented Cheesecake. We haven’t had a bad recipe from this site. Please note butter and cream are your friend.

If that’s not enough Mrs Cheesecake has also started growing her own fruit & vegetables. Before you ask: apples, pears, strawberries, rhubarb, onions, carrots, potatoes and about a dozen different herbs. Damn we’re even reducing our carbon footprint by growing out own.

What’s next for this intrepid couple of gastronomes? Who knows. Stick around and you might find out.

Pablo Cheesecake

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Pablo Cheesecake – Random Thoughts

Normally, dear reader, I tend to use my blog to discuss film, books and at a stretch fish finger sandwiches. Today I decided that for a bit of a change I would just write a bit about stuff. Just some random odds and sods and see where I end up.

The Winter Olympics

I make no secret about the fact that I am more an Autumn\Winter kinda guy. My first vivid memory is one of snow (strange as I was born in July). This has stayed with me throughout life and I always look forward to winter. It may also explain why I like lumberjack shirts but that’s not really relevant here. I think this is why I prefer the Winter Olympics to the Summer games. This time around I have been somewhat lax in my viewing (ok INCREDIBLY lax). I only managed to catch the Men’s Ice Hockey final. I was fucking ace though. The US of States vs Canadia. The third period and overtime were very exciting. Mrs Cheesecake enjoyed the game as well. Always a surprise to be caught up in a sporting event as , anyone who knows me will know, I’m not what you would describe as sporty. Portly yes, sporty no!

Blogs and Blogging

Recently I’ve noticed that I am reading/following far more blogs than I did before. I blame Twitter, damn your soulless black heart *shakes fist*. Though I have tried to be resistant Twitter has successfully expanded my horizons and I now follow more than a dozen blogs. Previously I followed two. The topics range from movie news to book reviews with friends blogs thrown in for good measure. I’ve started using Feed Demon to manage the blogs I follow. I can heartily recommend this excellent tool it allows me to categorize and view the blogs in the order I prefer.


Last year I was drinking way to much coffee. My daily caffeine intake was so high that by about 4pm I would normally have a headache. Another side effect  – I was really short tempered. I had a tendency to come home and stomp about like a bear with a sore head (if you saw me you would appreciate just how apt that description is). For about six months now I have cut right down. I still take the odd coffee but we are talking about one or two cups a month. Instead I have moved to caffeine free tea bags. You know what. I feel loads better. I think I’m a bit mellower than I was before and the afternoon headaches have disappeared.


While I’m wittering about health. You may recall I wrote at the beginning of the year that I had decided to set myself a physical challenge. For two reasons (1) I could do with the exercise (2) I wanted to commit to something and see it through to completion. With that in mind I decided to cycle 500km in 2010. Two months in an I am coming up on my first milestone. By the 13th March I will reach my first 100km. I’m glad to say I am finally starting to get into the groove with this. The first month was killer but the second was starting to get easier. I suppose I should mention I’m not just cycling I and weight training as well. I train five out of every seven days. I just have to try an keep up the momentum I suppose. I have allowed for interruptions in the my regime. I figure I can allocate up to twenty days off due to unforeseen circumstance. So far I am glad to report I have only used one day.

In another health related note I got a wisdom tooth removed today. The process was a lot easier than I imagined. I am concerned that once the anaesthetic wears off it may smart a little.

In fact I don’t think I can right anymore just now.

Later peoples and remember to brush regularly

Cheesecake Out

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One Relish to rule them all

As frequent readers of my blog are no doubt aware I like to push the boundaries when it comes to exploring the human condition. One of the most commonly used ways to do this is a quest of some sort. My personal quest is to create the perfect sandwich. Previous attempts to achieve this perfection can be accessed below.

There’s been a burger

The fishy finger of fate…

… a perfect sandwich

Recently a have made some startling progress. I have discovered an ingredient which works on any savoury sandwich. That’s right anyone. A bold claim I’ll grant you but it doesn’t stop it from being true. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you ……….Branston Gherkin Relish

There aren’t words in the English language to describe how good this stuff is. Do yourself a favour buy some immediately! Based on the fact I crave it daily I can only assume that the flavour boffins at Branston have managed to meld crack and gherkins into a tasty sauce.

Other than my never ending sandwich saga I have managed to see a few movies recently. Behold my micro-reviews!

The Good – Better of Dead – He’s ski with only one ski!

The Bad – Twilight – Why is Cederic Diggory fuckin twinkling?

and the downright bizarre – The Spirit – Ok I can’t even begin to understand what the fuck is occurring here???

Later blogsphere

ta ta

Mr Cheesecake

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The fishy finger of fate…

You asked for it. I listened. (It’s always the same isn’t it. You try to get out but they always claw you back in.)

Anyway – back due to popular demand (does three people count as popular demand ???) its another sandwich related blog. Without any further ado on with the show.

Last night Mrs Cheesecake and I went back to an old favourite. The fish finger.

‘Wait a minute Pablo’ I hear you cry ‘Haven’t you blogged about this before?’ Your right but this time there’s a twist.

Oh yes….wait for it….salmon fish fingers. WTF!!!

Truly we live in a golden age. When the good boffins at Birdseye can take something as glorious as the humble fish finger and improve on perfection.

The fishwiches were created using a seeded wholemeal batch loaf, mayonnaise, cucumber and in Mrs Cheesecakes case a little lemon juice to add a bit of zing!

All credit to them they were a fine fishwich. Really hit the spot! My only concern is now that Birdseye have me hooked they will up the price knowing full well that I am unable to resist. Honestly it is the fishwich equivalent of crack.

In other news Mrs Cheesecake’s internet rampage continues. I have now slipped into 3rd place after Mr M Sheen and Mr R Armitage. Well I can’t complain I will be starting work on my first magnum opus shortly. Yes I’ve got my video camera back so I’ll be starting my own project soon!

Until next time loyal fanbase


There’s been a burger…

Taking a step back from the humble sandwich on Saturday night myself and Mrs Cheesecake indulged in a bit of hardcore burger action. In an effort the spice things up a little we avoided the pedestrian beef and select a lamb burger instead. Nice choice! Lamb burgers are pretty tasty. Also the give just a hint a kebabiness that I enjoy.

Naturally we went for a sesame seed bun. I think we can all agree that nothing else will do. The other elements of this mighty construction included mayo, gherkin and in my case a sweetcorn and red pepper chutney. Mrs Cheesecake went with just the regular sweetcorn. As an accompaniment we select a nice rustic chip. None of your fast food chain uniform rubbish here!

All in all a good meal

Till we eat again


Snow Day and a perfect sandwich

So the UK has been brought to a standstill by the inclement weather. Good times – I got out of work 2½ hrs early 🙂 Bad Times – Turns out there is a hole in my shoe and my sock got extremely wet 🙁

On a more positive note this evenings bill of fare will include the best sandwich known to man. That’s right Fish Finger!!!! Truly this sandwich is the work of some higher power.

Look at this thing of beauty! Oh and the ketchup is mandatorynot optional. If you want to mix things up a little I would suggest Birdseye Fish Fingers with a hint of lemon and Heinz Tomato Ketchup with Sweet Onion. This combination is the work of genius. I challenge anyone to come up with a better sandwich than this. I do not think it possible.

Forward to the weekend and some extreme brain candy is required. I reckon Punisher: Warzone might just fit that criteria. As long as there are explosions and stylized hyper violence I will be a happy bunny.

Until the next episode of mindless drivel