Cheesecake me to Hell

So today Mrs Cheesecake and I went to see Drag me to Hell. The latest offering from Sam Raimi. It was pretty good. I normally don’t enjoy horror films much but Mrs Cheesecake is a sucker for them and I always like to see her enjoy herself.

I’m not going to go into to much detail (I dont like publishing spoilers). The film is a mix of jump out your seat moments and outrageous visuals that Raimi is famous for.

There were two moments in the film that were in turn laugh out loud funny and utterly gross.

In other news I purchased Krull on DVD this afternoon. Top eighties movie. Liam Neeson, Robbie Coltrane, Alun Armstrong and Bernard Bresslaw in bit parts. It doesn’t get any better than that. Mrs Cheesecake continues her Michael Sheen completist obsession by puchashing Underworld 1 and 2.

In other news I mangaged to connect the Wii to the interweb and then was able to view tech goodness such as I Player via the TV. Truly a techno marvel.

The weather has been fucking great today. Unfortunatley this means that I will have to cut the grass tomorrow. Oh well I guess it is about time. Last week I saw a tribe of pygmies in the undergrowth.

I am feelin sleepy now so I think I’ll sign off.
Later peoples

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Let the right Cheesecake in

So I promised that I would post about this at the weekend and never got round to it. In retrospect I wasn’t sure what I was going to say. I found Let the Right One In to be an enthralling story. It’s taken me a couple of days to come to a conclusion so sorry for the delay.

Based on his own source material screenwriter John Ajvide Lindqvist has written a very subtle and engaging film. It captures the loneliness of the early teenage years (when no-one in the history of the world could ever be feeling the same way you are) and compares this with the loneliness of eternity.

Without giving to much away the story is that of a relationship between Oskar and Eli. I was impressed by the two young leads. Both their performances where great. Though I did feel sorry for the young chap playing Oskar as he seemed to spend a vast portion of the film with a snot moustache.

The thing I liked best was the fact the there was a lot that was left to the viewers own interpretation of events. Things happen and different viewers will take different things from the events as they unfold.

I strongly suggest you seek this out. Worth the admission price!

I hope the writer’s other work makes it to the big screen as I think the world needs a Swedish zombie movie.

Later loyal viewer.

The Cheesecake that Rocked

Bet you can’t guess what this blog will be about can you?

So the adorable Mrs Cheesecake and I have just returned from our local cinematorium. We have enjoyed the latest effort from a Mr R. Curtis (I believe he has previously had some success on the telly box and with other cinematic efforts.)

Set in 1966 at the height of pirate radio the film is choc full of whimsy and nostalgia. Now you’ve known me long enough now to know I am all about the whimsy and nostalgia.

There wasn’t much of a story but that’s not really an important factor in film like this. It was just a group of people doing something for the sheer enjoyment of doing it. That’s pretty fucking groovy in my opinion.

As you would expect in a film about the medium of radio the sounds were all classic. I particularly enjoyed it being the middle of the road stick in the mud that I am.

The cast were all excellent but special mention has to be made of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Nighy. I should also salute Jack Davenport for taking on a character called Twatt. Lets be honest that could haunt him for the rest of his career!

You've taught us so much Pablo Mrs Cheesecake and I got all rebellious on the way home and sang along to ‘Can I Play with Madness’ on the way home. Fuck Yeah we rock!

In other music related news I have started blipping on This is great fun and I have come across so sounds that, I have to be honest here, I would never have purposely sought out. If you want to hear my eclectic little collection of noise search out the Cheesecake.

Later minions!

Who watches the Cheesecake

So this afternoon I finally got the opportunity to see Zach Snyder’s take on Watchmen. Did I enjoy it? For the most part yes. The action was top notch the acting was good with a couple of standouts.


Don’t get me wrong there were a few things I had a bit of difficulty with. I wasn’t the only one in the screening who had a chortle during the sex scene . Mrs Cheesecake also asked me to point out that she was disturbed by the the regularity of Dr Manhattan’s mighty blue wang looming into view but apart from these two things the movie was tops.

I thought the performance from Jackie Earle Haley was bang on. The whole section where he was in prison was a real highlight. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Carla Gugino were also pitched just right.

I’ve read a lot in the run up to the Watchmen hitting our screens and I’ve also checked out a view review since it’s release. All these peoples are entitled to their own opinion. You want mine? Go see it for yourself. Make up your own mind. I liked it. You might not. We will never know until you take the plunge will we? I’ve watched the Watchmen. Have you?

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Pablo Cheesecake:Warzone

So this afternoon I went to the movies and saw Punisher:Warzone. None too shabby. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t expecting Citizen Kane and that’s not what I got. Instead I got some nice stylized hyper-violence and the ocassional flash of blacker than black humor.

In previous versions that have been brought to the screen the character of the Punisher has been a bit less than intimidating. The Punisher is meant to be intractable, monosyllabic and withdrawn. There should be glimmers of humanity but only very small hints that this man once had a life. In my opinion Dolph Lundgren and Thomas Jane were just a bit lacking. Ray Stevenson however is pretty damn near perfect. Mrs Cheesecake made a good point that Ray looks better as the Punisher than as pre-trauma Frank Castle. I’ve been a fan of Mr Stevenson’s work since the tv series Rome and it is nice to see him moving into movies.

The other actors in the film all looked as though they were having fun hamming it up outrageously.

Dominic West – Who’d a thunk it from Oliver Cromwell to Jigsaw in one easy jump.

Doug Hutchinson looks like he was having a blast as ‘Loony Bin Jim’.

It was nice to see that for a change the mighty Colin Salmon survived till end of the flick. Looking forward to Doomsday Colin!

The SFX were good. Lots of gore (Special mention has to be made to the inventive coming together of a free-runner and a rocket launcher).

In conlusion I would be happy to pay may hard earned to go see another movie with this particular Punisher in it. My brain didn’t have to work to strenously and when I left the theatre I felt the warm fuzzy glow of being entertained.

Good Work Fella!

Till next time


Random Mutterings…

Ok I know I have been extremley lazy AGAIN regarding the upkeep of my blog. I promised myself that I would try to post on a regular basis but almost immediatley that I made this particular resolution real life got in the way and I haven’t even thought of posting for months. This evening however I find myself at a bit of a loose end so I reckon it is the perfect time to let my fingers do the talking. At least for a bit anyway 🙂

So how is 2009 treating you? In my case so far so good.

The items that were stolen when we were robbed last year are almost all replaced. Not that you would know that but I thought you night be curious.

We have actually started working on decorating the living room which made me feel good to be finally doing some work on the house.

I managed to wangle a Sony eReader for Xmas. What a magnificent little bit of kit it is. There are loads of wesites out there you can buy ebooks from and the reader comes with 100 classics you can load up straight away. The way things are going I won’t be buying many traditonal paper books anymore. If I had one gripe I would say that the internal memory is only 200MB which ain’t great. In saying that however there are slots for expansion cards.

Work continues to go well. I was suprised recently when I realised that I have been at my new job for a year already. Time truly does fly. It is good to do something you actually like.

I’ve seen a few films already this year – The Wrestler , Underworld:Rise of the Lycans . Both were pretty good. I have loads of new movies to look forward to later on this year. A few that spring to mind are Watchmen, Wolverine: Origins, Star Trek, Terminator: Salvation, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and 9

There are some interesting new books to look forward to this year as well. Mark Chadbourn’s latest Destroyer of Worlds is due out…huzzah. Also we have the latest from Scott Lynch, Jim Butcher and Peter F Hamilton.

I’m tired now so I think I’ll call it a day.

Till the next time


Top Five Films

This afternoon I have been thinking about my favourite things. Specifically I was trying to decide what my top five movies of all time are? Difficult question I know. I have seen a lot of films over the years and a large majority of them were utter shit. Not that I wouldn’t watch them again, I have very little in the way of good taste (You should see my wardrobe).

Anyway back to the topic at hand. What are my top five movies? Please note that these are not in any particular order of merit as I coldn’t make that decision if my life depended on it.

(1) The Italian Job (1969) – A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Britain was very cool. The comedic nonsense in this is classic. Ignore the remake in 2003 that was just an excuse to advertise the new Mini. Best cliffhanger ever!

(2) 300 (2006) – Visually this is a real treat. A feast for the eyeballs. Good story, top action and a fantastic use of modern technology to bring something to the screen that had never been seen before. A graphic novel brought to life. In my head I have abs like that.

(3) Aliens (1986) – I like Alien a lot. It’s atmospheric, distressing, unsettling and creepy but I think Aliens is a better movie. I’m one of these people that constantly ponder what happens to a character after the film, of for that matter book, ends. Aliens delivers that answer and more to the point it does it well.

(4) Akira (1988) – With the exception of poorly dubbed cartoons that I used to watch during the summer holidays this was my first exposure to anime and manga. Not only does it still look fantastic over twenty years on but the story is pretty good too.

(5) The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003) – Ok so I may have cheated slightly in that my final choice is three rather than one film but c’mon it has to be seen as a whole. The beauty of it all is that it can be summed up in one word. Epic

So there you have it. Five gems from the silver screen. You may not agree with them all but hey it’s my blog so I guess it’s my choice. In fairness however there is a good chance that the list could change depending on my mood, the weather and a whole host of other factors.