The first thousand are the hardest….

I’m a celebratory mood this evening. I have hit the first milestone in this year’s epic quest. 1000 sit-ups done. Only the trifling matter of another 19000 to go. Huzzah! I’d also like to take a moment to remind everyone that you can give a donation, by way of encouragement, to force me to continue with this nonsense. The link to the Just Giving page is listed below.

I’d imagine there will be further updates throughout the year.


Behold the Cheese

My musical tastes can only be described as eclectic. When listening to tunes on my trusty iPod styles flail wildly from the folksy goodness of Jethro Tull and Mumford & Sons to the hardcore Wagnerian anthems of Rammstein. Here is my latest hero…… one Richard Cheese.
Lets check out some of the maestro’s work. First some Guns and Roses

Then some Depeche Mode

And to end some Star Wars

What great stuff. Jazzy clever covers that are incredibly well done. Richard and his band Lounge Against the Machine rock my socks. For the uninitiated I suggest you could do a lot worse than a bit of Dick at Night.

Pablo Cheesecake vs Internet Shopping

There is a distinct possibility that there will be swearing in this post. (There consider yourself suitably warned.)

I’m essentially a laidback sort. I wouldn’t normally say boo to a goose but recently I have had a bad experience with an online retailer that has pissed me of no end. I consider myself internet savvy and have bought enough things online over the years but seriously this was a fucking nightmare.

It was Mrs Cheesecake’s birthday last September and I bought her a gift from an online shop. Turns out the item wasn’t quite right so I returned it for a refund. Today I had to threaten legal action in order to get a response from the shop owners. This was after a dozen increasingly annoyed e-mails to the them that had resulted in no response. According to their website they pride themselves on their customer service. What fucking customer service motherfuckers!!!! Nearly five months to sort out a refund isn’t customer service pal. I really wish I could name and shame but I haven’t got the money yet but I now feel a bit more hopeful that I’ll get the money back and finally get Mrs Cheesecake a gift she deserves.

Sorry for the rant but I had to get that off my chest. Better now. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Hello Future it’s me Pablo

Just realised that I had got to January 3rd and I hadn’t posted anything….

Welcome to 2011. Hope everyone has had a good festive season. Unfortunately my erstwhile partner-in-crime, Mrs Cheesecake to you, has been ill for the whole holiday. At the point where she started coughing up blood I forced her toward the local doctors and she is slowly getting better. It’s taking time but I’m sure she will be back to her oldself soon.

I did my first 100 situps today. Only 19900 to go…..hurrah! (This is going to fucking kill me. I must be mental. Send help!). Seriously though. I think this may be a tougher challenge than I first assumed. Oh well  one day at a time and all that.

In other news I got about £100 of Amazon vouchers for Christmas and had everything delivered to work so when I get into the office tomorrow there should be many boxes awaiting me.

I’m about to settle down to watch Stargazing Live on BBC2. The thought has just occurred to me I could just go outside and if I’m lucky I’d get essentially the same result. Admittedly there is less chance Mrs Cheesecake would join me in the endeavour.

Cripes 3rd Jan and I’m rambling already. No change there then.

Pablo Away

Cheesecake & The Gibbiot vs Unhealthiness

Hmmm Cheesecake & The Gibbiot sounds like an unconventional detective agency – I like that. (Nothing to do with the content of this blog just a thought)

Sometimes you get an idea. You think to yourself “I could do this thing and it would be good”. Then you share the idea with someone else and they say “Yes that is I good idea I will do it to”. Meanwhile back in your head the sensible part of your brain is finally awake and screaming “YOU AGREED TO WHAT!”

That is what has essentially occurred in this case. In a moment of, all to frequent, madness I decided I would try for 20000 sit ups in 2011. I then compounded my mistake by mentioning to this loon. It appears I will now have a fellow traveller on my journey.

Ok so it didn’t quite play out exactly that way. Cheesecake and The Gibbiot discussed it sensibly and we have agreed to this health inducing scheme.

I, for my part, intend to start on Monday 3rd Jan 2011. There you go I have actually written down a date thus committing myself to the whole enchilada.

Will every sit up be perfect? Probably Not. Will I be able to walk after the 1st week?  Unlikely. Am I determined? Currently YES!

Wish us luck. Perhaps next time we meet I will be half the man I used to be? (You understand I mean that in a good why right? Wait…. where are you going? Please don’t run away)

2011 – The Year of the Cheesecake?

I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of days now and I thought I would finally write something down. I have decided that in 2011 I’m going to go the whole resolution route. If my little escapade last year taught me anything it was that if I stick to a task I can complete it. Bearing that in mind I have decided I’m going to do the following.

  • 20000 sit-ups in 2011. I figure if I can cycle 500 kilometers in 2010 then I can up my game and try something I bit more hardcore as it were.
  • More writing – Not in the way you think though. I’ve bought myself a diary and I’m keeping it to myself. I think it will help me make sure I remember things a bit better. I find unless I have a to-do list my personal time management really suffers. Fuck that sounds awfully grown up. Not sure I like the sound of this or not. Time will tell.
  • More reading – I think I need to push myself out of my comfort zone a bit more. I tend to fall back on the same genres and themes whenever I look for a new book. Hopefully this will broaden my horizons a bit.
  • Eating better – I always suffer a bit around Christmas. At the moment I am firmly wallowing in the post Christmas doldrums. I need to eat better. More of my five a day and all that. I hope this will work well in conjunction with point one.
  • Try and get over my shyness – Once I know you I’m all good but until I do I tend to be bit awkward and can a appear somewhat brash. This is all front on my part (God this is why I love the Interweb. I can pretend I am talking to myself and it is much easier to get this sort of stuff out there). I just need to get better at talking to people face to face.

So there you have it. Will I achieve all these goals? Will I be a farty blubbery mess by the end of January? Fuck knows. Hang around I’m bound to let you all know.

PabloCheesecake vs the Bookshop of Woe

Strap yourself in. Things could get bumpy.

Unfortunately since just after Christmas Day Mrs Cheesecake has been feeling under the weather. Today in order to give her some peace and quiet I decided I would pootle of to town and spend some book vouchers I still had lying around.

I arrived at my local book emporium, not naming any names but it rhymes with Otterstones, to discover the Sci Fi and Fantasy section was closed. Arrrrggghhhh not the chuffing Dark Fantasy/Dark Romance ohh no. Nor the Erotica section which seemed to be doing a brisk trade. Nope my old fav was in accessible do to some sort of flooding?

Now I should stress this isn’t a moan about the staff. They are all very friendly and very helpful. My problem is that there were shelves and shelves given over to things like soft porn but they couldn’t have just moved that out the back for a bit? Seriously is Erotica selling better than Sci FI and Fantasy? (No not that kind of Fantasy you dirty sod) I just wanted to browse a little but I was denied. I ended up in the diminutive horror section. For reference this is stuck between Dark Fantasy and Erotica so I was getting the full on dirty mac stare from other patrons (which was nice obviously).

Later I stood and watched a while as various other geeks wandered up to the closed section looked around in a slightly lost/distracted fashion and then shuffled off in a irritated manner.

Damn but genre peoples are given short shrift aren’t we?

Christmas Booty

If you are expecting me to enlighten you with a tale of Christmas bottoms then this is so not the blog your looking for.

Ahh your still here. Then I will outline, in brief, the precious prezzies I have snagged this Yuletide.

  1. A pair of Doc Martens Paratrooper Pro boots from my other half. I can now stomp about till my hearts content.
  2. Marvel heroes t-shirt
  3. Farscape complete boxed set – 87hrs of sci-fi goodness. This may take a while to get through.
  4. Hood, Scarlett and Tuck all by Stephen Lawhead – A nice trilogy reworking the Robin Hood legend.
  5. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol 1 & 2
  6. A Moleskine 2011 diary.
Not bad for a 36yr old geek.
A hope everyone else was as lucky.

The Christmas onslaught continues…

Up and out the house at 8am this morning. Straight to the local Tescos and we blitzed our Christmas food shop in two hours. The good news was that the shop was reasonably quiet so I didn’t suffer my usual trolley rage. We have been saving vouchers all year so we were able to spend a small fortune and get lots of luverly grub and then get the cost reduced by 50%. I bought a tub of fizzy cola bottles and my annual twiglet habit has also been sorted for another 12 months.

I also purchased some splendid new lounge wear. Regular readers of my blog may remember my Animal PJs from earlier this year? Well this time I think I’ve gone one better.


They are, as ever, subtle and in keeping with most of the rest of my wardrobe. Marvel characters all over them. I’ll have to see if I can find some DC ones as well. I may go all out and get some of the SpongeBob Ones to complete my collection.

Elsewhere we managed to do some tinkering around the house and completed a number of little DIY projects. The best example is that we finally have coat hooks so the bannister is no longer the de facto place for all coats. Nice to see the gargoyles next to the fire place as well.

Christmas is on the horizon and the next couple of days should be fun. I’m looking forward to seeing family and over indulging on an almost biblical scale.

Merry Christmas all. Have a good one friends.