About Pablo

Welcome to my corner of the Internet. Here you will discover the various snippets of wisdom and lunacy that appear to make me what I am ( I should clarify I don’t actually have any idea what they are by the way. I’ve been looking for years and still haven’t figured that one out).

What I can tell you is as follows – (1) My name is Paul, but you can call me whatever you want. (2) There will be swearing (3) I tend to post when the mood takes me so don’t expect too much.

When it all comes down to it this is my internet stream of consciousness. There is a high likelihood that there will be typos, spelling mistakes and other assorted crimes against grammar. I wouldn’t bother pointing them out to me as it’s unlikely that I’ll fix em.

If you are that way inclined you can find me also over there on the Twitters. It probably won’t comes as any surprise to discover my Twitter username is @PabloCheesecake. I also run my very own book review site called The Eloquent Page. (It is far more genteel and there is a lot less swearing goes on there).

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